Xiaomi Black Shark 4S specifications revealed


The Black Shark 4S will be released on October 13, and the company is already releasing teasers for the game’s next flagship.

A brand manager took to Weibo to share details on the phone’s new screen, while a vice president revealed the new design of the gaming smartphone.

The new device will feature a Samsung E4 AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate, lightning-fast touch response and color accuracy comparable to professional creative monitors. 720Hz touch sampling results in a touch delay of only 8.3ms.

The new user interface will also include a screen mode for comfortable long-term reading.

Back to the rear, the horizontal triple camera setup is based on the island of the Black Shark 4 series.

The Black Shark 4S will be co-branded with Gundam SEED, according to the official. There’s a romance called mecha, there’s a memory called “Free Gundam,” and Black Shark’s “new mecha species” has now evolved.


The main difference is that the brand is abandoning the X aesthetic in favor of a new look that retains the aesthetic typical of over-designed games. Shoulder triggers are also visible, which the Black Shark 4S will inherit from its predecessor.

In addition, the Black Shark 4S will support dual zone Screen Pressure Sensing 5.0, the first of its kind in the Android camp, unlocking multidimensional gaming control for Android gamers, as well as the functions of 7-position pressure adjustment, edge lock and customization.

Black Shark claims to have conducted extensive research into user usage scenarios and patterns, adopting a fully symmetrical dual zone pressure sensitive design, with unlimited freedom for left and right sliding pressure zones; 7-step pressure-sensitive force adjustment to meet different pressing force needs; smart button mapping, even for a first experience, you can easily get started.

He also said that besides, self-developed screen edge lock technology and intelligent pressure threshold adjustment technology provide gamers with a flagship gaming control experience and continue to lead the industry.

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