Where to watch the 2021 Red Bull Batalla World Finals

The wait is over, and the Red Bull Batalla World Final 2021 is here to crown the best Spanish-speaking freestyler in the rap competition. After an entire year of touring a series of fun venues around the world, on Saturday 11 December, from the historic open-air amphitheater of Quinta Vergara in the Chilean town of Viña del Mar, 16 rappers line up for the final World Cup of Red Bull Batalla 2021..

Since 2005, and as the most influential Spanish rap battle in the world, Red Bull Batalla has provided a solid platform for Hispanic improvisers. Although they are deeply linked to the founding of hip hop, the rappers have managed to evolve and create a different style of North American hip hop, turning into a movement in its own right.

© Red Bull Battle

Well-known rappers like the one from Puerto Rico Yartzi and Myke’s Towers, from Mexico Aczino, and the company based in Alicante Arkano, had made the rap battles scene a benchmark, and now others, like the reigning champion of Batalla rapper were able to appreciate the beauty of this art with respect for people.

The Mexican rapper, who first won the 2020 Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos title, knows that talent and incredible improvisational skills are the only right formula. any kind of guidelines – you can really rap the way you want, without sticking to a theme or format, ”he said.

Although Rapder’s bitter battle must have been virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 Global Finals will make a live audience for the event alongside live Red Bull TV coverage as the freestyle rap scene celebrates the 15th anniversary of the competition.

Red Bull battle© Red Bull Battle
Mexican rapper Rapder delivered the ultimate mic drop by beating some of the best Spanish-speaking freestylers in the world to be crowned the 2020 Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos champion.

Sixteen finalists are already locked up, and now the Latin American rappers are ready to convince the hosts that their rhymes are flowing with optimum energy. The judges looking to crown this year’s champions are 2019 finalist Valleys-T, Chilean Blazzt, double-tempo expert Handle, Peruvian Fox and old-school legend Invert.

Meet the Red Bull Batalla 2021 finalists here

Aczino alias Mauricio Hernández (Mexico, 30 years old)

  • He is the MC with the longest streak of World Final appearances from 2014 to this year. It is distinguished by its wild punchlines and its elaborate staging.

Alfredozki alias Alfredo Méndez (Ecuador, 23 years old)

  • It was the surprise of Red Bull Ecuador 2021 when Alfredozki beat Eppico in the final. He likes to shout his rhymes in front of his rivals.

Basek alias Francisco Mateluna (Chile, 34)

  • The two-time national champion’s style is aggressive and straightforward, with pop culture references executed through a flow hardened by years of listening to the Wu-Tang Clan.

Exodus Lirical alias Christopher Berroa (Dominican Republic, 19)

  • The San Pedro De Macorís native finished fourth last year, having beaten Spain’s Bnet – 2019 World Champion – and lost to Rapder in the semi-final.

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