WealthTech VRGL nets $15m for automated data extraction

WealthTech VRGL nets $15m for automated data extraction

VRGL, which offers wealth managers institutional-grade analytics and automated data extraction tools, has collected $15m for its Series A.

MBS500 – How to solve a $500M a year problem for financial advisors – Josh Smith, CEO VRGLwealth.com

VRGL is named after Virgil, the ghost of the Roman poet who guided Dante through the Inferno. As a result, Virgil came to be known as a symbol of human reason that guides and protects others on their journey. Today, VRGL helps advisors guide clients with clear-eyed quantitative views of their portfolios, leading them to smarter investment strategies.

VRGL’s platform allows you to extract all transactions, market values, gains and losses, and fees from PDF statements with ZERO INTERACTION from the advisor in less than a few minutes. VRGL’s platform accelerates the decision-making process of wealth management clients by harvesting the power of institutional grade analytics and automated data extraction for wealth management organizations. By providing prospective and existing clients with an understanding of their consolidated investment picture, advisors can show how and why they add value.

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Pascal WealthTech Platform Demo

Learn more about how Pascal’s integrated wealth management platform is empowering financial advisors. Integrated, intelligent and intuitive, the Pascal cloud-based platform provides an end-to-end solution for wealth management firms with best-in-class user experience, 100% digital onboarding and compliance, behavioural finance profiling, intelligent portfolio builder and integrated client engagement tools. Pascal’s digital technology makes the advisor’s world better.

WealthTech Talks: Upscaling advice with Next Best Action

Originally recorded November 23rd 2020

In the modernising wealth management marketplace, the ability to deliver more personalised, engaging and insightful advisory services for the benefit of both the end client as well as the relationship managers serving them will be fundamental. Powered by new tools and technologies in the realm of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are moving into a world where the homogenisation of old will not be accepted by many. To differentiate for both the relationship manager and the client in the future will be about a deeper understanding of the individual and their needs, storytelling and a greater customisation of the wealth management service offering. A significant part of this in the arena of Next Best Actions where a one-size fits all approach is increasingly a thing of yesteryear.

In this webinar, we spoke with Boris Rankov, Head of Product at InCube Group (a Finantix company), and Dan Jones, Partner – Digital & Financial Services at Oliver Wyman, about Next Best Actions and how, specifically in the area of financial advice, data and AI tools can support the client and relationship with more personalised and scalable advice. The discussion looked at the pressures faced by wealth management firms today and, in turn, their relationship managers, how the market is responding to those demands today and how developments in areas such as Machine Learning can support the leveraging of data from multiple sources to enhance both the client and the relationship manager experience in wealth management.

How St. James’s Place Wealth Management Ensures Regulatory Compliance with Snowflake

For financial services organizations, maintaining regulatory compliance is everything. Head of Data Engineering at St. James’s Place, Barney Eccleson, explained how he uses Snowflake to reduce costs, boost scalability, and maintain strict governance.

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