We spoke with the Sakugan team, the new anime that is already arriving on the platform


If you are fan of anime, you will surely meet Crisp, a streaming platform designed especially for those who love this genre. It has a very large catalog with various proposals, both comic, dramatic and other suspense or science fiction. Among some of the shows that you can enjoy right now are Shingeki No Kiojin, for your eternity and so many others. If you’ve seen these amazing shows before, don’t worry because there’s a new one that you’ll love. Is about Sakugan, a story based on the novel by Nekotaro Inui.

The official anime synopsis tells us that Memempu, a fearless and very intelligent 9-year-old girl, dives with her father Winner in a unique adventure that will transform their father-daughter bond. It is that, both begin a journey which leads them to the outskirts of the colony where they live with the sole objective of knowing the famous Labyrinth, a place that will confront you with a maximum of danger.

Before its premiere in Crisp, to Disclose We got to chat with a lot of the crew about this spectacular anime. Look what they told us.

Interview with the Sakugan team, next preview of Crunchyroll

Takayuki Funahashi is one of the producers of the series while Junichi Wada, its director, and both gave us a little more detail on the purpose and highlights of the series.

-If you had to define the series in 3 words, what would they be?

Funahashi: Parent-child love: a nine-year-old prodigy and her father. This story tells the story of the bond in a surprisingly simple way! Adventure – Follow parent and child through this colorful underworld, including real-world inspired sites like the Asian themed “Pinyin” settlement from Episode 1, and dangerous areas of ice-filled jungle and maze.

Mecha Action – As it takes place in an underworld and the main robot “Big Tony” is a power drill, not only does it run on the ground, but it moves along ceilings and digs into the ground in its scenes. action, morph between bipedal and vehicle modes to create a comedic, action-packed story.

Ouada: It’s hard. Hmm… “Family”, “Travel” and “Robots” maybe… Or maybe “Independence”, “Let go” and “Kinship”. Either way, the father-daughter relationship is definitely at the heart of the show.

-What drew you to get involved in an animated series that, among various topics, thinks about parenting?

Ouada: I wanted to create a story that really marks people. Something that, if you see it as a teenager, will stay with you even when you are older. In that sense, the subject of parents and children is a subject that many people have experienced firsthand, something that everyone has thought about and that I have always wanted to address.

-Will those who haven’t read Nekotaro Inui’s novel enjoy the series?

Funahashi: We used Mr. Inui’s story as a starting point, and when we started to develop the animated series, director Wada, screenwriter, production team, and producers got involved to bring out the elements. that Inui-san wanted to highlight, while also tweaking it into an anime. that everyone can appreciate. There are many original characters and developments, and the relationships between the characters are a bit different from the original. The novel and the anime share an environment, but each is theirs, and we want people to be able to enjoy them as separate works.

Little Memumpu is brilliantly played by Kanon amane, whose voice was chosen after a long casting.

-What were the challenges of interpreting the voice of this brave girl?

It is very complicated. She is nine years old and has the spirit of a college graduate. When she thinks “I can do it, then I will!” “Power” is based on the logic formulated by your more mature mind. But then it leads straight to the ‘so’ part without her even considering the risks involved, in a way that reflects her youthful naivety. It is not purely the reckless impulsiveness of youth. There is an interesting gap there.

-What did you stop teaching while being Memempu?

She always says “I’m smart!” and it’s not even bragging, it’s just stating a fact, without any understatement or exaggeration. In this way, he taught me to have a precise vision of myself. Sometimes I analyze things too much, lose my confidence and turn negative, but I think having a part of it inside of me from now on will help me not to.

-Why do you think it is important for young people to see Sakugan?

I think a lot of young people find it difficult not to be able to go where they want to go. Student trips have been canceled, and you cannot create school memories while traveling with friends. The various settlements featured in the show are meant to preserve nature and culture, so you’ll see plenty of places that will remind you of popular tourist spots. Since we can’t really travel right now, I hope everyone is watching Memempu and his father’s journey, feeling like they’re on a world tour with them.

Meanwhile, the designer of Mecha Design, Stanilas Brunet He told us how he felt working on this series and reflected on the learning he left behind..

How do you manage to give a little humanity to your creations, in particular Sakugan? What’s so special about him?

At Sakugan, it was a delicate dose to bring Big Tony to life. I set myself the goal that this design be as stylish and cool in robot mode as it is in tank mode. And because of that, you shouldn’t make her face too expressive. It had to look like the front of a vehicle. So I decided to give him expressions by wearing his protective visor. Not all designs require this delicacy of treatment because very often they are just vehicles that have a role to play on stage. The Big Tony is both a vehicle and a companion for the heroes. Its design was to suggest that it was sturdy enough to work on a construction site, and at the same time, it was fast and strong for a long trip.

Do not forget this Sakugan firsts in October 7 to Crisp.

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