Watch: Room service robot delivers food to Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are fast approaching and due to a spike in the number of new Covid-19 cases, strict restrictions are in place. And in a bid to reduce human interaction, robots have replaced room service staff at a Beijing hotel.

A video shared by Reuters shows how a robot delivers food to guests with ease and perfection. The robot arrives at the door and the guest types in a pin code, then the robot reveals the packaged food. Once the guest has taken the food, the robot closes and moves back.

See the video:

In another video shared by Reuters, lunch is seen being served from the ceiling. The media dining room caught the eye with robotic replacements. Robot chefs assemble burgers and deliver food to tables from an overhead grill in the main media center.

According to ABC News, the Covid protocol will be strictly implemented for visiting media, athletes and officials during the Winter Olympics, compared to the Tokyo games.

According to a Reuters report, Beijing’s “closed loop” perimeters are sealed and guarded. People in the loop are required to take a daily PCR test administered by staff. Attendees will need to scan their passes and wait for a code green to confirm they have tested negative for Covid in the last 24 hours. There will be no food delivery from restaurants outside the loop.

“Ultimately, I think it will be difficult for China to prevent widespread transmission of Omicron, but the Olympics themselves should be manageable as they are a low-key event that can be tightly controlled with tremendous resources applied to the task,” said Michael Baker, professor of public science. health at the University of Otago in Wellington was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Domestic spectators are not allowed to attend the event which will begin on February 4. More than 2,000 international athletes along with 25,000 other stakeholders are expected to reach China for the Winter Games, a Reuters says the report.

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