Ultra God Mission Space-Time Tournament Battles

Akira Toriyama dragonball is one of the most famous anime series of all time, and the franchise continues to expand its reach in exciting ways. there is the core dragonball story that fans can experience in the manga and anime, but there are also a lot of moviesvideo games and spin-off materials that celebrate the franchise’s many characters and transformations.

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Dragon Ball Super Heroes East a promotional animated series video game link which produced over 40 episodes. The final story arc of the series, Ultra Divine Mission, focuses on the former Supreme Kai of Time, Agios, setting up a competition between the strongest fighters from different timelines, realities, and canons. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Missionit’s Space-Time Tournament teases incredible showdowns that could end in shocking ways.

9 Goku trumps Xeno Goku with his godlike abilities

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Goku Xeno Goku Fight

A common trend in many dragonball video games and derivative materials that sometimes bother some of the fans, that’s how much different versions of Goku can coexist in the same project. Dragon Ball Super Heroes looked at the novelty of a Goku vs. Goku showdown in the past. However, this Space-Time Tournament pits Goku against Xeno Goku. It seems like these two can quickly unite to take on bigger threats, but if not, it’s likely the standard Goku who will emerge victorious. Xeno Goku does not possess any transformation on the same level as Ultra Instinct.

8 The demonic duel against Janemba would end in favor of Kid Buu

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Janemba Buu Fight

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission brings plenty of unique characters to the prestigious Space-Time Tournament, with many fighters facing off against comparable competitors. Kid Buu is the purest form of this Majin threat, and he has incredibly evil ties. Alternatively, Janemba is portrayed as a manifestation of pure evil and a fearsome threat from the Demon Realm. Dragon Ball Super Heroes previously gave Janemba a more powerful form, but it still seems like he pales in comparison to Buu, who might just absorb him or turn him into candy.

7 Hit’s meticulous maneuvering would lead to Hildegarn’s extinction

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Hit Hildegarn Fight

Dragon’s Wrath is one of the boldest Dragon Ball Z movies, and Hildegarn’s enormous threat is the closest the series has come to a Godzilla-level kaiju attack. Hildegarn demolishes entire cities as a weapon of mass destruction, while Universe 6’s Hit is the epitome of precision.

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Hildegarn beat Hit in size (and maybe brute force), but the assassin’s time jump technique would overwhelm the beast. Hit is able to keep up with Blue Kaio-Ken Goku, so Hildegarn shouldn’t be too taxing.

6 Yamcha is in over his head against an upgraded Frieza

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Yamcha Mecha-Frieza Fight

The novelty around Dragon Ball Super Heroes Space-Time Tournament is where the strongest warriors from multiple realities are scouted to face off. So it’s quite a shock when Yamcha turns out to make the cut, considering his strength peaked during Dragon Ball Zit’s Saiyan Saga. Somehow Yamcha’s competition is Frieza (although Mecha Frieza, as opposed to Golden Frieza), which wouldn’t be much of a challenge for Saiyans, but Yamcha is already retreating and ready to give up. It’s possible that Yamcha will debut with a powerful and surprising technique, but its difficulties could also simply be Agios’ idea of ​​entertainment.

5 Piccolo is ready for redemption against Frieza’s old foes

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Piccolo Attack

Piccolo is one of dragonball‘s most popular characters, and so it’s always unfortunate that he has to take a step back from the Saiyans. Piccolo is one of the fighters assembled for the Space-Time Tournament, but Ultra God Mission has yet to show who is locked in combat with him. Piccolo unleashes a flurry of attacks and doesn’t seem worried about his chances. This could indicate that his opponent is someone from the Frieza Force team, which is made up of fighters like Zarbon, Cui, and Tagoma, none of whom would pose any problems for the mighty Namekian.

4 Xeno Trunks’ Sword Skills And God Upgrades Leave Tapion In The Dust

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Xeno Trunks Tapion Fight

The different dragonball The series have covered so much ground that there is a very complicated history between the different versions of the characters. The Space-Time Tournament explores this to some extent when Tapion reminisces about meeting Kid Trunksonly to realize that he is fighting against Xeno Trunks.

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It creates a certain biased nostalgia, and it’s understandably fun to watch these two fighters go head-to-head. Tapion has an intimidating design, but he’s never been deadlier. Additionally, Xeno Trunks can access Super Saiyan God’s strength, which should completely outclass Tapion.

3 Gohan’s years of training prepare him to defeat ancient threats

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Gohan Attack

dragonball teased Gohan’s unprecedented potential since the character first appeared. Gohan enjoyed a meteoric rise, but his strength became somewhat stagnant in adulthood. Nonetheless, it is appreciated that he is present for the Space-Time Tournament, though his exact target is still unclear. The Space-Time Tournament shows that Bojack and his Galaxy Soldiers are present, which would certainly be a cathartic target for Gohan to take down. Gohan attacks with confidence and doesn’t even need to transform Super Saiyan for this assault.

2 Vegeta’s Saiyan Skills Will Wipe Out Any Androids In His Path

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Vegeta Attacks

Vegeta is one of dragonballit’s the most powerful and impressive individuals, and it would be foolish to underestimate him in the space-time tournament. Vegeta is another character who unleashes a storm of energy attacks on an unseen target, but it’s safe to say that Vegeta is going to be the victor. Some of the other teams featured in the Space-Time Tournament are a team made up of members of the Ginyu Force, as well as a team that assembles all old androids. Vegeta has a history with both of these groups, but neither would be able to match his recent accomplishments, such as Ultra Ego.

1 Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan Strength Is Too Reckless To Face Jiren

Anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament Jiren Broly Fight

Immense power can come from unexpected places in Dragon Ball, and it’s never smart to judge a book by its cover. Still, there are beefy brawlers like Broly and Jiren who prove there’s nothing wrong with a muscular physique. Jiren was from Universe 7 major obstacle during the Tournament of Powerwhile the legendary Super Saiyan Broly has also been a constant thorn in the side of the Saiyans. Dragon Ball Super Heroes indicates these two fighters are tied, but chances are Jiren is just biding his time. In the Tournament of Power, he is able to stand against a Spirit Bomb and Goku’s flawed Ultra Instinct efforts, which Broly lacks.

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