Trunks’ Coolest Look Is Also His Most Powerful

While Trunks has no shortage of awesome outfits throughout his Dragon Ball career, one stands out above the rest in terms of style and function.

It’s no secret that trunks is, without a doubt, the coolest character in the dragonball mythos and his many alternate looks have never disappointed, however, there is one look that stands out from the rest as it not only makes Trunks hard but also gives him the ability to maintain his most powerful form.

Trunks is Vegeta and Bulma’s son who is best known for his time in the dragonball universe as Future Trunks who, as his nickname suggests, is a version of Trunks from the future who travels back in time to help save the lives of his friends and family. In its early days, Future Trunks appears out of nowhere when Mecha Frieza and King Cold arrive on Earth seeking revenge for Frieza’s detrimental loss to Goku on Planet Namek. With his patched denim jacket, black combat suit, and a sheathed sword hanging from his back, Trunks made an immediate impact when he took on Mecha Frieza and King Cold. Seconds after meeting them, Trunks proves he’s not just for show, but is actually an incredibly powerful warrior as he slices Frieza into tiny pieces and then punches a hole in King’s chest. Cold, all without sweating. And that was only in its early chapters.


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In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Mission Big Bang! Chapter 2 of Yoshitaka Nagayama, Trunks and Goku of the Time Patrol, among other members, are on a mission to protect a divine entity of time who has taken on the appearance of a bird known as Tokitoki from being killed by his dark counterpart, a being described as the Bird of Calamity, Dogidogi. During this mission, the Time Patrol soon realize that it’s not the Calamity Bird they should be worried about, but rather the villain who has taken DogiDogi as his ally and uses his raw power to his own villainous program: Fu. Fu is a scientist who has the power to slice through dimensions and uses that power to kidnap fighters from across the multiverse and absorb their power through his twisted experiments. Time Patrol immediately set out to stop him – and Trunks had just the outfit for the occasion.

Trunks' coolest look is also his most powerful.

In a previous Dragon Ball Super Heroes saga, Trunks gained the power of the Super Saiyan God to defeat an almost unbeatable foe. In order to retain this divine power, Trunks was given an enchanted costume that helped him maintain this energy. The garment that gives him this advantage is a long black trench coat with a skin-tight tactical suit underneath while fully equipped with Trunks’ signature sword. This look is a more mature take on his original style, as it retains the key aspects of what made Trunks so cool in the first place and elevated what it’s about in this chapter. Additionally, these garments serve a key function in keeping one’s energy divine, making them just as useful as they are stylish.

The coolest part about this outfit – other than the fact that it helps Trunks reach the Super Saiyan God in an instant whenever he’s caught in the middle of a battle – is how faithful it is to the original Trunks character design, complete with jacket/sword combo. left intact while giving Trunks a more intimidating edge than he had before. Whereas trunks has never missed the mark when it comes to style, his coolest outfit he’s ever worn throughout his dragonball his career is made even cooler as it also helps him become the most powerful version of himself.

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