Tower of Fantasy hands-on preview: A promising anime-themed MMORPG

Take a look at a game like Tower of Fantasyit was obvious that there would be inevitable comparisons with HoYoverse Genshin Impact. However, I think there’s enough here to differentiate the two games as their own games without necessary comparisons.

Perhaps the similarities between the games are only superficial and each game will have something unique to offer its player base. Obviously, both games have the anime art style, with a semi-open world that you can explore. But Tower of Fantasy opted for an action-style combat system built around character customization versus Genshin Impactis more relaxed gameplay.

Tower of Fantasy
Developer: Hotta Studio
Publisher: Level Infinite

Platform: Windows PC (preview), iOS, Android
Release date: August 10, 2022
Players: 1

Price: Free to play with microtransactions

That being said, Niche Gamer was invited to participate in an hour-long presentation with the developers. After that Tower of Fantasy preview, I was pleasantly surprised by all the content they were willing to show us. Here is an overview of all the information we have obtained so far:

Tower of Fantasy will launch with ten different characters at launch with more characters to come as the story progresses. Your player avatar will be fully customizable, face, hair and body type.

AAlong with character customization, the game will also come with 19 different weapons to collect including bows, guns, swords, sickles and more. Each character has the ability to use certain movement abilities such as double jumps or dodging.

Another feature that stood out to me was the introduction of relics – these are machines that make it easier to move around the world; things like jetpacks and motorcycles, robotic horses or gigantic robots that you can ride in. As a huge mecha anime fan, this was fine with me.

You can equip three different weapons at once and swap them out on the fly. Using your three weapons and different movement abilities can allow for some pretty awesome combo potential.

If you’re good enough, you’ll be able to pull off perfect dodges, which will freeze time and allow you to build up your “discharge gauge”. You can then use that Discharge Gauge with other weapons to use “Discharge Skills” which are like ultimate weapon attacks that do massive damage.

You will be able to combine different weapons, skills, combos and special abilities to create your own playstyle. You can also use different weapon residence effects on different weapons, allowing you to build around a system with classes of MMO-style.

As for crafting, the only crafting in the game at the moment will be cooking, but the developers have said that other forms of crafting may be considered.

During our Tower of Fantasy preview session, we asked how “open-world” this open-world RPG was going to be. We were told that the game would be a fully open world experience. Players will be able to fully explore five to six different regions with different types of terrain.

With the use of relics, you will have freedom of exploration. The developers really insisted on the freedom of the players. Tower of Fantasy will also have a time passage system, where approximately every 40 minutes will translate into a game day.

In addition to your avatar, you can also collect “Simulacrum”, which are other characters that you can also play as, which use different weapons and have different abilities. These are pre-created characters that cannot be fully customized like the avatar can.

Back on character creation, the developer clarified that player avatars will indeed be fully customizable. Even though the build we were shown had limited body customization, they told us that individual body parts would be customizable.

They strongly encouraged people to fully customize their characters and show them off with export and import options. The developers told us that one of the most popular things gamers have done is try and recreate their favorite anime characters in-game, which is exactly what I plan to do.

Although the game is multiplayer focused, single player play is still a viable option, which is great news if you prefer single player play like me. During the Tower of Fantasy event overview, we found out that you can play the whole game in single player without party.

If you want to join other players, you can join guilds, called “crews”, which can have up to 180 players. The game will also have party finder features to help solo players join up with others to take down tough bosses when they appear.

From what we’ve been told, players can group together in groups of four to take on content, but it can go up to 20 or 30 players to defeat powerful world bosses.

Since Tower of Fantasy went into open registration on June 27, over 2.5 million people have already pre-registered to play the game – and since Tower of Fantasy appeared on Steam, it was added to over 200,000 wishlists.

Tower of Fantasy will launch on iOS, Android and PC devices with full cross-play integration on August 10, 2023 at 5pm PDT/8pm EST.

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