Top Mechanical Engineer Attributes Success to Government’s 4Ps

LEYTE. Mark Anthony Salazar Arcayan ranks first in the February 2022 mechanical engineering license exam. (Photo from Mark Anthony Salazar Arcayan’s Facebook)

MARK Anthony Salazar Arcayan, who won the February 2022 mechanical engineering license exam, has credited the national government’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino (4Ps) program for his personal and academic achievements, the Welfare Department said on Thursday. Social Being and Development (DSWD)-Eastern Visayas, March 10, 2022.

“I do 4P with my family. While supporting the program, it cannot survive,” said Arcayan, a resident of Merida, Leyte.

(The 4P program helped my family a lot. We survived because of it.)

Arcayan added that the 4Ps have increased their resources for education, nutrition and health.

“He is the third of seven children from a 4P household who recently graduated from the program after remarkably achieving the self-sufficient welfare standard,” said DSWD-Eastern Visayas.

Quoting 4Ps Municipal Link (ML) Aileen Dellosa, DSWD-Eastern Visayas said “the family started with next to nothing”.

“But all of its members share a very good relationship with each other. Parents work hard and children study diligently,” the department said in a statement congratulating Arcayan on his accomplishments.

Arcayan’s father, Rogelio, works as a barangay secretary, while his mother, Amelia, is a parenting officer and church volunteer.

Arcayan graduated valedictorian and magna cum laude from Visayas State University (VSU) in Baybay City with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Arcayan was also a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) fellow.

Meanwhile, DSWD-Eastern Visayas cited Arcayan’s guiding principles that helped him succeed in life.

“The first is consistency. Everyone must develop good habits because excellence is indeed a habit or something that one does regularly. He said that even if an individual is intelligent, if he does not study or does not constantly practice, there will be a chance of not remembering or forgetting. Also, a person must be consistent and determined despite the many challenges and negativities around him,” he said.

“Secondly, one must strive to maintain balance in all aspects of existence, including family, school, work, physical, spiritual, social and even love life. The third is prayer “We must have a constant relationship with God. We always pray even if we are not in need or in pain,” the DSWD-Eastern Visayas added. (SunStar Philippines)

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