Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Restaurants in Stamford, Connecticut | restaurant review

This list is based on past customer service.

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5. Mecha noodle bar

Mecha offers wonderful food accompanied by excellent drinks. The staff will guide you through the menu, and the menu items have plenty of options to enjoy at any time of the day. The ambience, customer service and quality of food will exceed your expectations, and its happy hour specials will delight you.

4. Fin

You’ll love the lunch specials offered at Fin. Its menu features homemade ginger dressing, quail eggs, sake, sushi, prawns, martinis, and more. The place is child-friendly and can accommodate a group. Fin stands out for its emphasis on the great value of the dishes on offer.

3. Thai and Japanese cuisine Ocha

In Stamford, there’s only one great place to enjoy a combination of delicious Thai and Japanese cuisine, and that’s at Ocha Thai & Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has been serving up goodness for over 15 years and its experienced chef satisfies every craving while the servers deliver beautiful food presentations.

2. Maruichi Japanese cuisine and delicatessen

Maruichi is an Asian market and Japanese restaurant and grocery store. It offers fresh produce, desserts and packaged food. In addition, there is a section for frozen products. The deli section has many great food selections, including fresh sushi. You can’t help but love the authentic Japanese items on offer here, and the excellent customer service makes your visit worthwhile.

1. kashi

Kashi has attentive and kind staff. Its seasonal menu has great selections, and you can’t get enough in one visit. You have to come back to try new menu items. Fortunately, their quality and taste will not disappoint you. The restaurant is beautiful and the arrangements, especially the seating, are comfortable. Kashi is perfect for a Friday night dining experience with your loved one.

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