Top 10 Ingenious Security Bots That Make Security Effortless

With an increasing number of crimes, it becomes humanly impossible to reach utopian standards in the field of security.

Security guards are lowly creatures who are looked down upon with pity for the long hours they must spend guarding their surroundings at ungodly times and sadly waiting is a big part of their duty. What if something could relieve them of the boring routine and make security an interesting vocation while keeping the variety of security management tasks complete? A security robot is an answer. With an increasing number of crimes intelligently planned to deceive human intelligence, it becomes humanly impossible to achieve utopian standards in the field of security. Security robots equipped with LIDAR, AI, sensors and GPS can not only patrol, but also communicate, document and hunt intruders. Here we list our top 10 security bots to secure your home and surroundings against all types of security threats.

1. Appbot Riley mobile home security camera: The most popular security robot can be controlled through an application installed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Thanks to an application installed on the mobile, it is possible to keep a watch in real time. Its Wifi robot camera has motion detection capabilities as well as face detection and storage. The two-way voice system allows you to communicate with your child or pet in real time.

2. Turing Patrol Robot: This is the most affordable and advanced indoor patrol robot in the world. It is equipped with a TOF Lidar with a range of 40m, a 360 degree HD camera, a laser scanner and an optional environmental sensor/gas detection sensor. Turing AI’s 24/7 autonomous patrol robot will patrol routes and detect anomalies and security breaches.

3. Cynet: It is the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform, which converges XDR, response automation and 24/7 MDR services, EDR, network detection rules , UBA rules and deception technologies with fully automated attack investigation and remediation in a single, intuitive platform. . Cynet is designed to provide comprehensive environmental protection for even the smallest security teams.

4. Knightscope Security Bots: These robots offer security patrols as well as a presence that provides real-time, actionable intelligence anytime and anywhere, giving security teams the ability to detect threats and respond faster. Mobile eye-level surveillance provides high-quality deterrence capabilities and evidence to prosecute criminals.

5. Temi: Temi is a truly smart, mobile and personal robot with Alexa, looks like corporate video chatbots rolling around the office. Its face is a 10-inch Quad HD screen attached to a sturdy, sleek body with a wheeled, motorized base. It comes with dual-band Wi-Fi with 4G LTE as backup when normal Wi-Fi fails.

6. Robotic assist devices: AI-enabled safety devices, also known as ROAMEO (Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer), provide all-terrain, all-weather mobility for the RADCLOUD software platform. It has a climbing capacity of up to 25 degrees and a flexible operating time of up to 20 hours.

7. SMP Robotics: SMP robots are essentially patrol robots. Enabled with capabilities like people detection and tracking within 100m, facial recognition, web browser video streaming, 360 degree camera system, security enhancement and noise reduction. security costs. These robots can reduce the number of guards and transfer them to remote monitoring tasks from their homes.

8. View of the Canaries: The Ai powered home security system is compatible with wireless internet. Pair it with your phone to receive alerts when the camera detects suspicious movement and activity. It allows remote monitoring of your location through 1080P HD video from the camera. It comes with an app, preloaded with local emergency providers. It does not require any additional hubs to be configured for the camera.

9. Amaryllo AR3S Outdoor Security Camera: The Ai-enabled outdoor camera is an ideal companion for monitoring your belongings kept outdoors. With two-way voice communication and 360 degree automatic tracking sets, it knows what to do when something unusual happens. It can recognize up to 10 familiar faces, a pretty cool feature to make sure you know when the kids are home from school.

ten. Cobalt: Cobalt is an office surveillance robot, with capabilities such as unlimited attention, perfect recall, and real-time human response. Its features include a 360-degree 4K camera, 40+ sensors, two-way video and audio chat, LIDAR, badge reader, and more. Using machine learning, it can understand what’s normal in your office, escalating any anomalies to a human analyst for resolution.

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