This Shark robot vacuum cleaner is for sale on Amazon

One of the most convenient ways to keep floors clean is to offload the tedious chore onto a cleaning gadget that will do the work for you. And now is the perfect time to do so thanks to a popular robot vacuum deal going on on Amazon right now.

The retailer is offering 23 percent off the Shark Ion AV751 Robot Vacuum Cleaner designed to clean hard floors and carpets, with minimal effort on your part. Equipped with strong suction power and a three-brush cleaning system, the cleaner easily cleans up dirt, dust, crumbs and debris.


Buy it! Shark Ion AV751 robot vacuum, $177.99 (original $229.99);

On a full charge, the vacuum has a runtime of 120 minutes to tackle all kinds of messes around the house. This includes hard-to-reach areas under furniture thanks to its low profile, meaning you won’t have to push around a heavy bed or sofa to keep every square inch of your floors spotless. Plus, its built-in sensors prevent it from falling down stairs or hitting walls and furniture.

When it comes to controlling the vacuum, you have several handy options, including connecting to the SharkClean app. With the app, you can start and stop cleaning as well as schedule cleaning times, even when you’re away from home. The vacuum is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control it with just your voice.

More than 2,800 customers gave the robot vacuum five stars. Many are impressed by its “powerful” suction, with one write“Even after sweeping and cleaning the whole house, this thing will still pick up a dustbin full of dust and cat hair afterwards.”

A reviewer with several cats and dogs called it a “game changer”, saying, “It’s quiet enough to run while I’m working from home and the battery lasts forever.” They also added, “It actually fits under the bar cart, coffee table, bedside table, etc.”

Simplify your floor care routine and get hooked Shark Ion AV751 Robot Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon before the savings are gone.

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