These are the best dragon-type Pokémon


The world of Pokemon is full of exciting creatures with many different types to enjoy. From the start, the dragon type has been one of the most popular thanks to its relative rarity in the wild. Dragons are rare treasures that Trainers get as a reward towards the end of their travels, rare and powerful allies whose strength rivals Legendary Pokémon and are often Legendary Pokémon themselves. This list will give you the top 10 dragons that make trainers of all ages and genders call them their favorite Pokemon types.


Zygarde might just be the best Dragon Pokémon for many fans, as it’s the only Pokémon you can turn into a dog, a large snake dragon, and a giant mecha. It’s just kinda whatever you want, cute, cool and silly, all in one mighty legendary package. This Pokémon is notable for having four signature moves, the signature moves of all Pokémon. Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves, Land’s Wrath, and Core Enforcer each offer different perks, giving players a unique level of creativity and access to moves almost no other Pokémon can learn. Zygarde is on top of variety in design and movement, making it one of the greatest Pokémon in general for players who like the options.


These cold ghost friends seem to be here to have a good time. Being a ghost dragon is a cool type of combination, which allows it to withstand many of the more common types of attacks in the game. That, coupled with the adorable little touches of the design, like its tiny early shapes that relax to be. launched as missiles, really brings out the Pokémon in the dragon realm.


This little bug dragon (not a bug type) has a fun design that really captures the imagination. The Pokemon is always fun in the TCG and in video games and although the strongest dragon ever, Flygon is truly adorable. He’s the one you can imagine existing in nature, flying through deserts with his spectacle eyes.


An icon of many children’s dreams, this angry dragon has captured the hearts of Pokémon fans. Thanks to its unique mega mechanic with Dragon Accent, it is the most powerful Pokémon in existence, at least seen by the competitive community. Being able to mega-evolve with no held object just means it will be stronger than any Pokémon in existence. Its shift to mega-evolve isn’t even bad, otherwise it’s a pretty strong move as well. When you consider that Rayquaza can take you to space to battle alien Pokémon, what’s not to love about this long dragon?


Cynthia’s iconic dragon is one of the coolest Pokémon designs ever. This land shark has great dragon qualities and feels like he could be scary but also cuddly, a solid balance of what a Dragon Pokémon is aiming for in their design. Garchomp was also one of the biggest competitive meta-defining Pokémon for years after its release. The Pokemon is both strong and has good speed and defense, which makes it something you don’t want to play with in combat but rather the kind of friend you want by your side.


Of all the legendary dragons, Zekrom has one of the strangest designs which makes him truly unique and cool. The sleek black design that glows blue with electricity gives it an aura of mystery coupled with an intense sensation as it attacks and begins to glow. The Pokémon is incredibly strong, with its signature Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike moves acting as powerful offensive options. He’s also one of the less common physical electrical attackers, which sets him apart from his peers as one of the best when it comes to hitting things as hard as possible.


Hydregion is three fierce heads. The heads are all adorable and the design of the black dragon is so clearly shown in the creation of this one. And if Cerberus was an adorable and cool dragon, that’s a great question to answer and we should all be grateful to Gamefreak for asking it. The Pokémon was one of the most powerful users of Draco Meteor, and it was a remarkable Pokémon for how much it could withstand while being a legitimate offensive threat.


This handsome slime friend deserves all the love and affection. Goodra has access to one of the funniest combinations of abilities and movements, the hydration associated with resting in the rain, which allows her to fully heal and wake up immediately. It’s such a gooey and user-friendly design that it looks like they’re just tailor-made for the lint. Goodra is simple and there is a lot of charm to it.

Mega Altria

What’s not to love about a fluffy dragon bird? He has a cloudy body and adorable blue bird vibes. Being the only Dragon Fairy Pokémon grants it immunity to its Dragon-type weakness and such powerful matches thanks to its strike alone. The bird has a lot of tricks up its sleeves, including the incredible move of the song Perished, which it can use better than most other Pokémon thanks to this cutie’s resistance. Kindness goes so well with fear.


This adorable, gentle dragon is as iconic as it gets for one type of dragon. Dragonite stands out as the very first fully evolved dragon-type Pokémon and will likely remain the dragon Pokemon to a lot of people. Dragonite’s multi-scale hidden ability gives him an important competitive role where he can take even blows that would be devastating much better thanks to this damage reducing ability when Dragonite is at full health. This allows the dragon to settle down where many other flying dragons would be afraid due to the powerful ice-type moves which are total game ends for him. Dragonite is strong, cute, and iconic, making her the best like no one has ever been.

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