The yeedi vac robot vacuum is a delight and compatible with most systems

Sit back and relax — yeedi vac robot vacuum at your back. I have had several robot vacuum cleaners and they help me a lot. The biggest problem with them is that the neighbors in my condo want to borrow one “quickly” – and then they quickly left.

Enter the Yeedi Vac Robot Vacuum

I will not lend yeedi vac robot vacuum outside – like, never. However, this little vacuum really is a joy; and fortunately, it is compatible with my automatic dump station (already in place).

The little guy

I affectionately called my yeedi vac robot vacuum “the little guy”, even though it’s bigger than my last robot vacuum.

The little guy has smart visual mapping and navigation, which you’ll love. You can also mix and match with the cleaning feature which works well.

After slipping and falling on my damp tile floor last year while rushing to work – I’m mopping and vacuuming while I’m at work. Works perfectly with the Yeedi system

yeedi vac robot vacuum

Go to the site and watch the video – you can really see the difference in the work of this vacuum cleaner. I have so many levels in my house with tile, carpet and rugs that a really smart vacuum cleaner was needed to accomplish this task.

Here are some interesting details from Amazon where I bought mine. Or you can check out the yeedi vac Robot Vacuum site – I’ve also seen this vacuum at Walmart and several other stores.

Best Features

You can do a quick cleanup if you want with your yeedi vac robot vacuum cleaner, but I like to set the little guy up before I go to work and give him a long, slow vacuum – he’s got over an hour on a single charge. I want a long vacuum, especially after the weekend. I need a deep clean with my hair — and because friends come over to play video games and eat — and, you know, get crumbs on my carpet.

You can set it up with full remote control from your phone – the intuitive yeedi app lets you set up and clean any space, anytime – it’s my favorite feature. yeedi draws a map of where he left off and returns there to start the next session.

I don’t want to bother with pimples or having to lay on the floor. Set your yeedi vac robot vacuum once and you’re good to go.

Of course, the yeedi vacuum cleaner is compatible with Amazon Alexa – “Hey, Alexa, throw the little guy.” Or you can use Google Assistant for voice control. Perfect. Do.

Image credits: on Amazon website; Thank you!

Top image credit: Andrea Piacquadio; pexels; Thank you!

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