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January 1, 2022

CloudMinds Focuses On Achieving Secure Cloud Computing Network For Smart Robots

CloudMinds is the world’s leading cloud intelligent robot operator and is committed to the implementation of artificial intelligence technology using robots and all types of smart devices. Using the leading cloud intelligent robot solution, CloudMinds has built an intelligent cloud platform based on the HARIX architecture for the customer and will offer a variety of services, including intelligent construction, intelligent security, intelligent property management , etc. CloudMinds’ full line of intelligent robots are also deployed in many scenarios such as hospitality, reception, security, patrolling, smart gatekeeper, etc. CloudMinds’ vision is that, by 2025, useful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household. . CloudMinds will drive this vision by facilitating ultra-secure connectivity between numerous artificial intelligence (AI) engines in the cloud and many future robots.

CloudMinds gives the brain of the cloud to the local savvy area – Smart Cloud Platform. Thanks to the analysis capacities of big data and artificial intelligence, the Smart Cloud Platform clearly perceives the exercises of the occupants of the territory, intelligently designates public goods and skilfully supervises the networks, which incredibly reduces the operating costs of the territory. .

CloudMinds is a platform organization that wants to become the leading operator of cloud robots, giving the spirit and network necessary to empower intelligent cloud-based robots. CloudMinds is creating organizations with AI organizations that will give calculations in the cloud and manufacturers of mechanical technologies that will make the body parts, the symbols. We are going to follow the sensory systems of the robots. CloudMinds work will resemble the capability of a bot exchange framework, it will be adaptable for some bots, and can be used by a bot.

Considering CloudMinds’ intelligent cloud layout, the collection robot uses facial recognition, store voice and different advancements in the private property community to distinguish visiting visitors, with strong reasoning management capabilities artificial, to meet the expanded demands of the customer and guide the visitor to the goal depends on the continuous climate. The surveillance robot can perform roles, for example, image recognition survey, face and tag recognition, ecological observation, watch verification, local administration, etc., to accomplish 24-hour continuous obligation, further increasing the security level of the local area.

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