The superb Horizon Zero Dawn deathmatch pits 50 observers against 1 Thunderjaw

A content creator and Horizon Zero Dawn fan challenges a herd of 50 observers to take down a single Thunderjaw in a limitless deathmatch.

A Horizon Zero Dawn fan recorded gameplay of themselves pitting a horde of small, mechanical dinosaurs against one of the game’s biggest threats – a Thunderjaw.

YouTuber Maqsimous uploaded a video in which they spawned 50 Watchers to see if they can defeat the Tyrannosaurus Rex robot. After alerting the velociraptor-like machines to the Thunderjaw’s presence, Maqsimous, controlling game protagonist Aloy, passes the rest of the video at a safe distance from the fight. Occasionally, however, they must return to the fray in an attempt to bring disengaged Observers back into action.

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After a synchronized battle cry, the Watchers attack the Thunderjaw in unison. However, after about three minutes the fight is over and the mechanical T-rex claims victory. The Thunderjaw uses a variety of weapons, including a cannon burst and a barrage of disc throwers, while Spotters are limited to primarily melee attacks, preventing the game’s smaller machines from doing too much damage to the game. Horizonthe beast at the top.

Robotic dinosaurs are considered one of the most iconic elements of Horizon Zero Dawn. The meca-beasts featured in the game often looked like real-life creatures such as dinosaurs, crocodiles, and horses. While players can hack some types of these machines, allowing Aloy to ride them in some cases, others, like the Thunderjaw, need to be dealt with entirely through combat.

Released in 2017 by developer Guerilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing game exclusive to PlayStation 4. Guerrilla Games later dropped an expansion, The Frozen Wildlands, before the game hits PC in 2020. Horizon is also notable for being the company’s first intellectual property since Killzone from 2004.

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The plot follows a young hunter, Aloy, who is hunted by the Nora tribe when he is born. However, Aloy rejoins the community after completing an initiation ceremony and proving himself to the clan matriarchies. Now a full member, Aloy sets out on a quest to learn more about his past and his mother. Horizon Zero Dawn has been almost universally praised for its history, ranged combat, voice acting, and aesthetics. Although set in the distant future, the game juxtaposed all elements of sci-fi, such as mechanical dinosaurs, with more archaic forms of society.

Guerilla Games is currently producing a sequel with Sony, titled Horizon forbidden to the west. Several teasers have been released, including a gameplay trailer showcasing the improved mechanics of the sequel.

Horizon forbidden to the west will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18.

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