The Shark Ion robot vacuum is 43% off at Amazon

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Rather than spending the day manually cleaning your house for the thousandth time, why not let a little robot do the work for you? While robot vacuums can certainly cost more, Amazon dropped tons of Prime Day deals ahead of its biggest trade event of the year, including on a slew of must-have cleaning products.

Start with the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which is currently 43% off at Amazon. The handy device is designed with a three-bush system, with side brushes, channel brushes and a multi-surface brush roll that work in tandem to pick up all the dirt, hair and dander scattered around the house. The robot can roll on carpets and hard floors, and thanks to its sensors, it will navigate around obstacles and not accidentally fall down stairs.

Users can control the robot vacuum directly from their phone, where they can design cleaning schedules. It can even be integrated with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to control the vacuum with your voice. The robot vacuum cleaner can run for up to two hours before automatically returning to its charging station.

Buy it! Shark Ion robot vacuum, $129.99 (original $229.99);

This robot vacuum has garnered over 5,000 perfect ratings from buyers who call it “life-changing” and “intuitive”. A reviewer wrote“I’m still in disbelief how much quieter the Shark is than the old Roomba, which could seriously wake the dead,” while a shared additional customer: “It amazes me how much dust and gray hair it accumulates.”

Another user explained that they have three dogs, noting that “this little vacuum cleaner is amazing”. They added: “Even after vacuuming with an upright, it still picked up stuff.” They ended by sharing, “I would recommend this to anyone debating between the Shark and the more expensive Roomba vacuums; you won’t be disappointed.”

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