The latest Evangelion Mechatro WeGo figure is Shinji and Unit-01

Official images of the fifth evangelization The Mechatro WeGo figure has appeared, featuring a reimagined Shinji Ikari and EVA Unit-01. Like the previous evangelization Mechatro WeGo collaboration figures, designs are by the manga artist and Nichijou series creator Keiichi Arawi. The 1/20 scale figure will appear in Japanese stores from March 14, 2022 and will cost ¥4,730 (about $41). [Thanks, Dengeki!]

the evangelization The Mechatro WeGo collaboration consists of characters that reimagine EVA pilots as elementary school children. Each character comes with their respective EVA unit, redesigned in the Mechatro WeGo robot style. In this case, the Mechatro WeGo robot is based on Shinji’s EVA Unit-01. It features the robot’s distinctive purple and green color scheme, numbering, head tip, and logo.

The Mechatro range of figures are beginner-friendly models that require no adhesives or paint to build. Like the previously released Asuka Figure Set, you can also place the Shinji Resin Figure inside the Mecha Figure once it’s fully built. Strangely, the Shinji figurine appears to be holding a Triton trumpet shell. In addition to the sets of Shinji and Asuka figurines, the evangelization The Mechatro WeGo collaboration series also includes figures of Rei, Mari, and Kaworu in similar designs.

You can better see the evangelization Mechatro WeGo Shinji and Eva Unit-01 below:

the evangelization The Mechatro WeGo Shinji figure will appear in Japanese hobby stores from March 14, 2022. The figure set will cost ¥4,730 (about $41).

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