The classic horror film that inspires the work of Guillermo Del Toro

Del Toro’s choice fell on the 1960 film “Eyes Without A Face”, which stars Edith Scob as a horribly disfigured woman kept in solitary confinement by her surgeon father as he attempts to give it a new face. Unfortunately, this process includes kidnapping and attempting surgery on countless young women, usually resulting in their death.

The film struck a chord with del Toro, particularly with the way he portrayed Scob’s Christiane Génessier.

“[The main character is] like an undead Audrey Hepburn. It influenced me a lot with the contrast between beauty and brutality… The shock of haunting and enchanting images has rarely been more powerful. “Eyes Without a Face” features an extraordinary soundtrack [by Maurice Jarre] too!”

“Eyes Without A Face” is often considered one of the most influential horror films ever made, even inspiring Billy Joel’s song of the same name. (It turns out Joel was also a huge fan of horror movies.) Part of that is due to its haunting imagery, including the final shot of Christiane walking through the snow with a dove in her hands. Going hand-in-hand with del Toro’s comments about mixing beauty and brutality, this happens at the same time as Christiane’s father is viciously mauled by the dogs he kept locked up.

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