The best Indian robots recognized in the global technology market


by Disha Sinha

September 21, 2021

Robotics is thriving in the Indian domestic market and has started to gain recognition in the global technology market in recent years. Educational institutions and robotics companies have launched competitions and workshops for students and professionals to focus on Indian robots. Robots in India have a mix of major cutting edge technologies such as AI, robotics, and IoT to generate smart functionality. One of the most popular Indian robots, Shalu, has more functionality than Sophia in the global tech market. Glocalization has allowed robots made in India to be promoted in overseas markets and to generate higher income for the country.

The best Indian robots recognized in the global technology market


Shalu is considered to be the first female Indian robot created by Dinesh Patel of UP. Shalu can speak in 47 languages ​​to have a huge presence in the global tech market. Robotics in India indeed offers great opportunities to create robots that can be claimed as “made in India”. The multiple smart features of this Indian robot are eye-catching from overseas countries as it is made of 100% waste material such as plastic, cardboard, wood and other waste. The Made in India robot is dedicated to all Indian girls and women towards the Indian government mission “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”. Shalu uses AI and facial recognition technology to identify people and remember their identities. He can also provide correct answers to all kinds of educational questions while having flexible arms for a good handshake.


Manav is known as the first 3D humanoid Indian robot from A-SET Training and Research Institute in Delhi. This robot in India is created to be a research assistant with integrated vision and sound processing capability with the incorporation of AI and robotics. It can respond to human commands to walk, talk or dance. He’s well known for playing football or doing push-ups with open source code to react like a human child.


A Bengaluru-based robotics start-up known as Invento Robotics created this “made in India” robot known as Mitra. This Indian robot is five feet tall and was initiated at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Ivanka Trump. Robotics and AI designed this robot to greet customers with contextual assistance, facial recognition technology, autonomous navigation, and voice recognition through a touchscreen on its chest. One of the smart features of Mitra is that it can understand multiple languages ​​effectively and efficiently.


Kempa is a well-known robot in India, especially at Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore. This airport has integrated Kempa, a robotic assistant, to welcome passengers in English and Kannada. It is created by Sirena Technologies, an AI start-up based in Bengaluru to meet the needs of passengers at this airport. It provides minute details of flight times, check-in details and a lot of other information for passengers.


Sandy is another ‘made in India’ robot and is popularly known as the world’s first humanoid AI-powered humanoid robot in the world. This robot has a mix of AI and robotics with a cosmic network of sensory circuits to mimic human expressions. It also includes a self-learning ability through NLP as well as enhanced by Android. It is designed to help several sectors such as hospitality, banking and healthcare.


AcYut is the Indian robot built by BITS Pilani students that has won multiple awards in several annual robotics competitions. It is famous in the global technology market as a “made in India” robot because it won the bronze medal at RoboGames 2009, the world’s largest open robot competition with participants from 28 countries. He is known as the only Indian robot to participate in these robotics competitions with a Sanskrit meaning “one who never fails”.

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