The 8 Best Things About Donny Cates’ Hulk Race

When comic book writer Donny Cates finished his wildly popular Venom run, it resulted in the Marvel king in black an event. Many fans wondered which Marvel character would Cates take on next. Now two numbers in her Pontoon run, it’s clear that Cates has been planning on doing something wild with the Hulk for a while.

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As he has done in the past with characters like Venom and Thor, Cates turned the Hulk mythos on its head by giving Bruce Banner and the Hulk a whole new way to co-exist. Cates seems to be moving away from the entrenched themes of Al Ewing’s beloved Immortal Hulk, the race preceding Cates. This new Hulk concept is captivating in a whole different way.

8 Donny Cates is on fire

Donny Cates

As mentioned earlier, Cates is the king of taking on characters and completely transforming their concept. Cates creates a new perspective on the characters each time. Cates is responsible for this crazy new mecha-hulk in his Pontoon Title.

Cates also created other character concepts such as the Powering Cosmic Thor, Cosmic Ghost-Rider, and Sorcerer Supreme Loki. Every time Cates has taken over a title for Marvel, the stories have always taken in previously uncharted directions. It seems, especially in the first two issues, that Pontoon will be no exception.

seven Art by Ryan Ottley

Ryan OttleyHulk

The writing side of this Pontoon the race is huge. But the art, done entirely by Ryan Ottley, is breathtaking at times. Fans know Ottley for his extensive work on the Image Comics title Invincible and his most recent work, amazing spider man. With this new Hulk title’s level of wild ambition, Ottley seems like the perfect performer for the series so far.

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He draws and colors the Hulk mecha-suit well. Ottley also does a great job drawing Banner and Hulk’s facial expressions, greatly conveying their sense of frustration and anger. In April, after Pontoon #6, rising comic book star Martin Coccolo will serve as the title artist.

6 A Wild And Original Concept

Bruce Banner

This Pontoon title could sound like any other – Banner and the Hulk fight for mental supremacy. Unlike the previous Pontoon title, by Al Ewing, Cates has chosen a metaphor for this power struggle that is anything but entrenched. Rather than seeing the two face off in traditional form, Banner has created a gigantic, mech-sized Hulk robot that he sits in and has complete control over.

In the robot’s basement, the Hulk appears to be completely separated from Banner. Hulk is constantly thwarted by the robot, which in turn creates rage-based energy to make the machine self-powered. Once the robot is fully charged, it can destroy cities and fly through space. Readers have not been told exactly how the costume was made at this stage of the storyline.

5 All the Essential Hulk Over-The-Top Action


From Peter David to Greg Pak, all the famous Pontoon run has had its fair share of over-the-top fights where the Hulk seemingly destroys everything in his path. Even the Pontoon races that focus on more serious themes, like addiction and trauma, had their moments to let the Big Green Guy run wild. Luckily, Cates’ Hulk is no stranger to crazy violence. In fact, he might be the most destructive Hulk ever.

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The book is only a few issues, and the Hulk is now the size of Godzilla. It’s safe to assume that this Hulk is going to get into some of the best action in Hulk history. In fact, #1 sees Hulk take on Iron Man. Not just any Iron Man, Hulk faced the combined might of four robot-sized Hulkbusters and won.

4 The cynical Bruce Banner is back

angry hulk

Although it generally divides Hulk fans, the return of Bruce Banner with a villainous and cynical mindset is back. This Pontoon run failed to capitalize on much of the excellent character development exhibited by Al Ewing. Cates’ choice to bring Banner and the Hulk back into an intense, hateful relationship is something a lot of Hulk fans love.

This version of Banner is also proof that comic book characters thrive when the storytelling is diverse. While Al Ewing’s Hulk is awesome, Cates’ Hulk seems to have the potential for a whole different kind of greatness.

3 This version of the Hulk might be the most powerful yet

Hulk Smashstronaut

It goes without saying that this version of the Hulk is powerful. This Hulk is nearly the size of Godzilla, can fly through space, and has taken down four giant Hulkbusters. Cates’ Hulk might very well be the most powerful version of the Hulk readers have ever seen.

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Fans have seen powerful versions of the Hulk. World-Breaker Hulk, Immortal Hulk and Red Hulk are some examples. With the size of Mecha-Hulk in his Smashstronaut armor and ability to fly, Cates’ Hulk would be able to hold his own against these extremely powerful versions.

2 Giant Size Wolverine

Giant Size Wolverine

With the regular version of the Hulk trapped in the basement of Banner’s hulk-mech, Banner created technology that sends out simulated Hulk-style fights. It’s so his rage can fuel the robot. In these fights, we’ve seen the Hulk take on enemies. He fought a simulated version of the US Army as well as four giant monsters.

The best fight, however, comes in what the robot calls “Stage 3”. Hulk takes on a huge version of one of his oldest rivals, Wolverine. Although the fight was short-lived, it’s a great preview for nature, readers can’t expect any kind of rules in all this time. Pontoon Course.

1 Hulk versus Thor is coming

Hulk versus Thor

With Cates simultaneously continuing his Thor run alongside Pontoon, a storyline featuring the Hulk and Thor is an easy option for Marvel. Luckily, Marvel is taking advantage of this opportunity. Cates is expected to reunite the former allies for a potentially massive showdown in April 2022.

The two will begin their conflict in Hulk vs. Thor: War Banner. Cates promised it would be as wild as his previous Marvel event comics. Looking at the preview art done by Martin Coccolo, it looks like the title will have at least some aesthetic influence from the Marvel Studios movie. Thor Ragnarok.

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