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Fans of Arthurian mythology – a vast body of literature ranging from chivalrous romances to modern blockbusters – who are also passionate about role-playing games should definitely check out the following tabletop RPGs. Ranging from classic fantasy games like Pendragon to science fiction reinterpretations like Camelot trigger, these RPGs, aside from being fun to play, each have unique rules, tuning details, and storytelling tips that players can use to put their own spin on legends. king arthur.

Do the stories of King Arthur and his knights have a historical basis? If they did exist, was their reign at Camelot’s court as righteous and prosperous as the stories tell it? Most historians today are skeptical of the alleged existence of King Arthur, especially since the early historical volumes from the early Middle Ages documenting his reign are patently inaccurate in some places. If King Arthur existed in one form or another, he likely would have been one of the Roman-British kings who rose to prominence after the withdrawal of the Roman Empire, organizing resistance against rival warlords and invading Anglo-Saxon cultures. Just as Arthurian Mythos has acquired new heroic and villainous characters over the years, King Arthur could also be an amalgamation of all of Britain’s “good kings” from the Dark Ages, striving to bring peace to life. a violent world.

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Each of the following Arthurian tabletop RPGs specialize in specific forms of RPG gameplay – not only in the ‘simulation versus narration’ sense, but also in terms of the type of King Arthur story that players and game masters want to tell. . Do they want to embrace the tales of chivalry, courtly love, fairy magic and historical anachronisms seen in medieval romance? Do they want to tell a “Real King Arthur” story set in a world closer to Dark Ages Britain? Do they want to re-imagine the Arthurian myth or transplant the stories from the myth to another time or place? Any of these options may be viable, depending on the system chosen.

Arthurian Tabletop RPG: Pendragon RPG

Posted by Chaosium Inc., game makers like Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest RPG, Pendragon is a role-playing game designed to recreate the magic, wonder, honor, chivalry and pivotal events seen in medieval epics like that of Thomas Malory Arthur’s Death (unrelated to Pendragon video game version of the round table). Players take on the role of knights who join King Arthur’s court, venturing into magical quests and defending chivalrous virtues with mechanical effects on dice rolls and story development. The resolutely anachronistic chronology of a Pendragon The game takes place as a compressed version of British history, starting in a Dark Ages Britain facing off against Anglo-Saxon invaders, then ending in a late Middle Ages setting with knights in armor shiny plaques, tournaments and troubadours galore.

Arthurian Tabletop RPG: Fate Worlds – Camelot Trigger

Camelot trigger, one of the campaign settings in Destiny of the worlds supplement published by Evil Hat Productions, takes the legends of the Arthurian myth and combines them with the sci-fi mecha genre. In this game, Arthur and his knights are an elite force of mecha pilots fighting across the future solar system against the minions of a malicious AI called “MerGN-A” (a robotic version of “Morgana” the enchantress) . Using the Fate Core system, players from Camelot trigger use the mechanics of Aspects to describe the origins of their characters, then create another set of Aspects to describe the weapons, equipment, and systems mounted on the heads, arms, torso and legs of their giant robots in knight form.

Arthurian Tabletop RPG: Age Of Arthur

King Arthur Tabletop RPG Age Of Arthur

Arthur’s age, published by Wordplay Games, is another RPG in the Arthurian FATE system, this one set in a war-torn 5th century Britain between Roman-British kingdoms and invading Anglo-Saxon armies. The construction of the world of Arthur’s age Consciously rejects the late Middle Ages chivalrous traps of most King Arthur stories, drawing on the real-life cultures, languages ​​and war paradigms of the time to add verisimilitude and authenticity to the characters players will encounter and the battles their PCs will wage. At the same time, Arthur’s age embraces the magic and otherworldly mysteries of classic Arthurian tales, including systems of druidic magic and sorcery as well as files on the Dragons, Giants, and Fae creatures players may encounter in their fight to defend Britannia and bring peace and unity to their communities.

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Arthurian Tabletop RPG: Chronicles of Darkness Dark Eras 2 – Arthur’s Britannia

King Arthur Tabletop RPG Chronicles Of Darkness Dark Eras 2 Arthur's Britannia

the Chronicles of Darkness The games created by Onyx Path Publishing take place in an urban fantasy / gothic horror version of the modern world, with supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, mages and changelings hiding from the general human population and themselves. organizing into secret societies to survive both outside threats and among themselves. the Chronicles of Darkness Dark ages The sources contain details of the settings, factions, NPCs, and stories that players can use to tell paranormal stories in different parts of the world and different time periods. Such a rich monster Chronicles of Darkness setting, Arthur’s Britannia, takes place at the height of King Arthur’s resignation, focusing on Camelot’s strained relationship with the changeling refugee courts of the realms of Arcadia, the shadowy conflicts between Roman and Celtic vampire strains, and the intrusion of Anglo-Saxon monster hunters inspired by the saga of Beowulf.

Arthurian Tabletop RPG: Apocalypse World 2nd Edition – Fallen Empires

The main framework of World of the Apocalypse, as the title suggests, is a crumbling wasteland filled with Gunluggers, Battle-Babes, Drivers and Choppers struggling to survive amid the rubble of ancient civilizations and a psychic maelstrom that rips the minds of those in it. draw. While working on the 2nd edition of World of the Apocalypse, game designer D. Vincent Baker has created a free spin-off called Apocalypse World 2nd Edition – Fallen Empires. Instead of taking place in a post-nuclear or post-capitalist wasteland Mad Max or Fall, Fallen empires takes place in a savage dark age triggered by the collapse of a massive empire and the death of their pantheons of gods. With some small changes to Moves and Playbooks from World of the Apocalypse (renaming “Gunlugger” to “Swordmaster”, adding new moves for fighting on horseback, re-aromatizing psychic powers to make them more magical, etc.) D. Vincent Baker has created a surprisingly suitable system for casting RPG campaigns with a more granular approach to king arthur mythos – a savage age where warlords, warriors and mystics fight to build a new order from the ashes of the old.

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