Super Robot Wars 30-second trailer reveals complete new unit for Code Geass’s Lelouch


During the September 2021 Super Robot Wars series live stream, Bandai Namco revealed the second official trailer for Super Robot Wars 30. The new trailer shows more gameplay and mechanics features of the featured mecha anime titles that did not appear in the first trailer.

Most of the mechs featured here should appear as they also appeared on the original shows. For example, Gundam Unicornthe protagonist of Banagher Links appeared in Gundam’s story with another Mobile Suit called Silver Bullet Suppressor, and that’s the mechanic that it will mainly use in this game. However, the trailer had a big surprise in which the game will add a new Knightmare setting for Lelouch. While Lelouch piloted an incomplete cadre named Gekkoei in the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection movie, this game will have exclusively a full version of this unit, which will be newly named Gekkoei Sui.

The trailer also shows more gameplay features available in the game, other than the nonlinear mission system. Much like previous SRW games, SRW 30 players can further upgrade pilots using PP (Pilot Points) obtained by shooting down enemies to produce Skills programs. These programs can be applied to impart more beneficial skills to a pilot. New AOS update The system will allow players to upgrade the game’s original warship, the Drei Sutrager, by spending MxP (Mission Experience Points) collected from clearing missions.

While Bandai Namco typically released English trailers shortly after the Japanese originals, the company still hasn’t released an English version of this trailer for some reason. In the meantime, you can find the original Japanese trailer right below.

Super Robot Wars 30 will be available worldwide for PC via Steam on October 28. The game will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan and Asia. Note that the Switch version will be separated into Japan (Japanese and English languages) and Hong Kong (Chinese and Korean) versions. Bandai Namco also plans to release the game’s third trailer in October, sometime ahead of its release date.

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