Super Robot Wars 30 – Is It Worth It?


When i saw that Super Robot Wars 30 was on Steam, I had to blink twice before saving it. Somehow, the release of the game totally eluded me. Make no mistake, however, its release is a huge deal. No main game in the series has ever been released in the West before. Some of the Super Robot Taisen the games were successful, but they were all about 100% original characters and mecha, meaning they were missing a noticeable part of the appeal the main series is known for. One game in the series may be available for Westerners to easily buy for the first time, but the question arises: Super Robot Wars 30 worth it?

The Super robot wars The series is famous for taking characters and mechs from a large number of beloved mecha anime and mixing them into a turn-based strategy RPG. When Super Robot Wars 30 begins, you can choose from male and female protagonists, give them names and nicknames, and choose from one of two starting scenarios. The starting scenario you choose dictates which franchises you come into contact with first. I chose the option with Mobile Suit Victory Gundam and Majestic prince, as I know them best.

What followed was a pretty standard mecha anime setup. Your character ends up piloting an experimental mecha unit (this is original to the game) and helps save the crew of a battleship made up of recent academy graduates from a terrible fate. You are then invited to join and set off on your new adventures. In this starting section, it wasn’t long before I met Uso Ewin and the Shrike Military League team as they faced off against the Zanscare Empire. Soon after, the cast and mecha Majestic prince, a team of awkward teenagers known as Team Rabbits, is also assigned to the battleship. There’s a ton of dialogue to the point that the game is almost a visual novel, but it nails down all of the character’s personalities and the conversations run smoothly.

This is no ordinary Steam game, my friend

It barely scratches the surface of what’s inside Super Robot Wars 30, although. Following Gundam shows are in the mix, as well as newer rates like SSSS Gridman, classics like Mazinger Z, and even Code Geass. The game is an absolute treat for fans of mecha anime. The gameplay focuses on the missions that you can start from the interlude screen, where the meat of the game is located. These missions are often quite long, sometimes taking around an hour or so.

Super Robot Wars 30 is an excellent strategy RPG based on leveling units, swapping pilots, and moving them around the terrain to fight enemy units. But what’s really breathtaking is the animations that play out during the fight scenes. Each mech has an animation that plays for each of its attacks. Many of them are extremely unique and they are so fast and high quality that they look like cartoons. The Majestic prince the animations, for example, are pretty amazing, as they are extremely faithful to the series by being flashy and hectic.

The in-game mouse and keyboard controls are also impressive. Simply put, playing the game with a mouse is as easy and intuitive as I had hoped it would be. You move your units by clicking on them and telling them where to go. In fact, you hardly need to use the keyboard. Calling it an excellent version of Super Robot Wars 30 that’s an understatement. As to whether it’s worth it, yes, the game costs $ 60. But there is so much content and every fiber is made with love and respect for a tremendous amount of source material that I can’t help but be happy that the franchise has finally graced our shores. Super Robot Wars 30 is It’s really worth it on PC for fans of mecha anime and strategy. It also seems to be selling well, so let’s hope this is just the start of years of strategic goodness.

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