Super Robot Wars 30: How To Build The Best Team

Super Robot Wars 30 has a very large roaster of Mechas and pilots to choose from to build the strongest team. In Super Robot Wars 30, players control a team of Mechas from various anime and manga to defeat famous villains. Battles are fought in a traditional tactical RPG style, so players will need to pay attention to their team’s skills to be successful.

All Mechas of Super Robot Wars 30 are divided into one of two categories. There are real robots, which are smaller, more agile, and generally breakable, and super robots, which are bigger, stronger, and often defy the laws of physics. The first choice players will make in Super Robot Wars 30, after selecting the main protagonist, takes either the Earth Road or the Space Road. The Earth Road will give initial access to Super Robots, while the Space Road will give initial access to True Robots, but eventually all Mechas in the game will be accessible.


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Players will use three currencies in Super Robot Wars 30 to upgrade their team. They will use up Credits, Pilot Points (PP), and Mission Experience Points (MxP), all of which will be rewarded at the end of each stage. For this reason, almost all of the mechas in the game are useful and can be effective in the final battle of the mechas of Super Robot Wars 30. Players should experiment with their squad makeup to determine what works best for their playstyle. However, some Mechas work well together and make defeating the final boss a less intimidating experience.

The best mechs and pilots for the final battle in Super Robot Wars 30

Super Robot Wars 30 Quaestor Final Boss Fight

In addition to the familiar Mechas and pilots from anime and manga, there are a number of original Mechas and pilots that have been specially designed for the past. Super robot war Games. Some of them have been made available for pre-order, by purchasing the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate editions, or by free updates in Super Robot Wars 30. Players can also experiment by adding some of them to their squad if they wish.

Amuro Ray (Gundam / MP Nu Gundam / Nu Gundam / Hi-Nu Gundam)

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Team Gundam Amuro Ray

Amuro is the original Gundam pilot, and he pilots four Gundams in Super Robot Wars 30. It is built with great precision, evasion, range damage, and skill. He is also equipped with the “Second Attack” skill which allows him to attack any enemy twice in the same turn, provided his skill rating is higher than that of the enemy by at least 30 points. .

All Gundams need mobility and accuracy improvements, so players need to invest in these. Amuro is a sniper, doing Hit and run and Save B essential for him, and, because the Gundams are real robots, Instinct is essential for maintaining high success and evasion rates at all times. Players must rack up damage from a distance with RNG up and increase Amuro’s skill rating with SKL up to make sure the second attack is always on.

Because the Gundams are considered small Mechas, the Ignore size skill is needed to do maximum damage. When using Nu Gundam, equip it with the Hyper-reloader A game will allow Amuro to continuously reload all of his missing ammo at the start of each player phase.

Koji Kabuto (Ichinana / Mazinger Z / Mazinkaiser)

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Mazinger Z Team Koji Kabuto

Mazinger Z is very powerful and keeps lighting up throughout Super Robot Wars 30, which makes it a solid choice for the final battle. As a super robot, Mazinger Z relies heavily on Energy and Defense to stay strong, so maximizing both of these stats early in the game is essential. All upgrades from Ichinana are transferred to Mazinger Z and then to Mazinkaiser. Koji’s pilot skills must include Save E and To keep to keep it energized, as well as Fighting spirit and Break the morale limit to make sure he has access to his best attacks and deals maximum damage right away.


Super Robot Wars 30 Best Gridman Team

Gridman is both the pilot and the Mecha. This is the kind of Mecha that players will want as their team’s tank because the more damage it takes, the more effective it becomes. Players should invest in his HP and defense. His innate skills, Hyper-agent and hero, increases his stats when paired with Potential. Gridman uses a mix of melee and ranged attacks, with EN and ammo requirements and limits, but players need to focus on building morale quickly with Fighting spirit and should give it To keep to help mitigate damage.

Guy Shishioh (GaoGaiGar)

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Team GaoGaiGar and Guy Shishioh

There are four GaoGaiGar Mechas in Super Robot Wars 30. All of them share similar design characteristics and are efficient Super Robots. Players won’t unlock Guy until halfway through the game, but that doesn’t mean the GaoGaiGar pilots and Mechas before him aren’t helpful. All of the upgrades players buy go from the first GaoGaiGar Mecha to the last, but Guy is the main pilot that players should spend PP for. To build it, players must use Attacker and Complete counter, as good as Save E, To keep, Fighting spirit, Break the morale limit, and CQB up.

Izuru Hitachi (Red 5)

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Team Red5 Izuru Hitachi

Red 5 might be a real robot, but it has the stats of a Gundam and the flashy moves of a super robot. As Izuru is equipped with the hero skill, which increases his stats when his HP drops, and Red 5 has a built-in shield barrier that helps mitigate damage, increasing Red 5’s HP, EN, and mobility will help reduce damage taken while also making him more dangerous for the enemy. Players must build Izuru with Instinct, To keep, Save E, Fighting spirit, Break the morale limit, and CQB up.

Ernesti Ernie Echevalier (Ikaruga)

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Team Ikaruga Ernesti Ernie Echevalier

Ernesti pilots a monstrous machine that is a little difficult to understand but a complete beast on the battlefield when players learn how to wield it. Ikaruga is a high powered hybrid mecha that shines both a real and a super robot in how far it can travel, how hard it strikes, and its dodge. His attacks drain his energy, but Ikaruga automatically restores 20% of his max energy in each phase of Tactical RPG combat. It is important to manage power consumption, so players should use Save E and cheer Ernesti up with Fighting spirit, and Break the morale limit. Attacker is always a good skill to have if PP is available. When upgrading Ikaruga, players must start each battle by having Ernesti cast his Spirit Command to instantly unlock Ikaruga’s final attack.

Kallen Kozuki (special type Guren)

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Team Guren Special Type Kallen Kozuki

The Guren is a tactical machine that does not receive any upgrades in Super Robot Wars 30. It’s one of only two Mechas to have a card weapon that can activate after movement, making it a big deal if players want to get into position and take out multiple enemies in a single attack. . The Guren is useful in both short and long range combat, so players should build up his EN and Mobility stats and give Kallen the Hit and run and Save E skills.

Suzaku Kururugi (Lancelot Albion Zero / Lancelot SIN)

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Team Lancelot Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku and Lancelot are the melee version of Amuro Ray and Nu Gundam. Lancelot does significant damage at a reasonable EN cost. Mecha needs increased EN and mobility, and Suzaku would benefit greatly from Save E, Instinct, Second attack, CQB up, SKL up, Fighting spirit, and Break the morale limit, in addition to Attacker and Complete counter when they become available.

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Super Robot Wars 30 is available on PC and on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in Japan.

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