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With the end of the first week of classes, Portland State is returning to a semi-normal atmosphere, especially with the return of in-person events like Party in the Park. The annual fair features tons of organizations, resources and clubs on campus. Many organized groups on campus, with social distancing and mask requirements to accommodate students, many of whom will return to campus full time. As it rained, tons of tables and officers remained throughout the event to make sure they reached as many students as possible. For those who didn’t have a chance to attend, here is information about the different organizations on campus and how to get connected.

The following list is not exhaustive and includes highlights and information about the different groups on campus. Many of these clubs, centers and organizations work together to organize events and support students throughout their academic journey.

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (Mecha)

Mecha, a student-run organization, was founded with the aim of promoting the advancement of the Chicanx and Latinx populations. Their mission at PSU is to have more Chicanx and Latinx students in higher education. According to them website, their next event after the party in the park will be Painting with Mecha on Thursday, October 7 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in SMSU 294, and digitally via Zoom for those who want an alternate option (Meeting ID: 83690015921).

Queer Resource Center

PSU’s Queer Resource Center provides resources and support for queer and trans students, including anyone within the LGBTQ + community. They are currently looking for volunteers to help animate affinity groups, donation teams and the correspondent project. The Queer Resource Center has an upcoming training orientation October 5-8. The registration link can be found on with more information on their Instagram, @psuqrc.

Global diversity and inclusion

The Global diversity and inclusion team (GDI) is a group dedicated to PSU’s inclusive mission that covers diversity, discussion of resources, and the overall goal of making sure all students feel and are welcome at PSU. They’ve dropped off at Party in the Park and have constant updates on their Instagram, @PSUDiversity, social events, and news. Currently, they are discussing hospitality, information fairness and racial justice and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Student legal services

Student Legal Services, SLS, offers free legal aid to PSU students. As of September 16, their front desk is open for in-person operations, but their appointments with clients will continue via Zoom or by phone, although they are accepting special requests for exemptions from this rule. Their website declares that their reception hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and that they are located at the Smith Memorial Student Union at M343. Updates are posted on their Instagram, @psu_sls.

Recreation on campus

The campus recreation center is open and begins the process of lifting health and safety restrictions related to COVID-19, as guidelines change. Face masks are always mandatory for all activities other than swimming. The six-foot physical distancing is no longer required and the maximum occupancy limits have been lifted. On their website, there are still digital resources and information and registrations for hobby clubs. There are currently over 20 clubs listed and you can always submit a request to create a new one. More information can be found on their Instagram, @campusrec.

MENASA Initiative

The Middle East, North Africa and South Asia Initiative, better known as the MENASA, is a cultural resource center program currently on its way to becoming PSU’s sixth cultural center. According to their spring 2020 newsletter, MENASA’s home is now SMSU 238. To connect better, you can check out their Instagram, @menasa_initiative.

Pan-African Commons

The Pan-African Commons is based on the cultivation of cultural, personal, professional, and developmental opportunities for students in the African Diaspora, with an emphasis on creating a community space for African, Black American, African identities, Caribbean, Central and South American and other black identities around the world. . Their Instagram is @pacpdx and more information about them can be found through their PSU website.

Association of International and Global Studies Students (IGSSA)

The PSU International and Global Studies Students Association (IGSSA) is a community of students focusing on global interests. IGSSA has been lodged at Party in the Park and is currently accepting nominations for the Officer Elections through their Instagram account Linktree. Their Instagram is @ psu.igssa and more information on how to contact them can be found on their website.

PSU pantry

The PSU Food Pantry is back in its old space, SMSU 47A, since September 27. and allows in-person purchases Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. by clicking on the link in their Instagram bio, found on @psu_foodpantry. Currently two buyers are allowed every 10 minutes, but this can change depending on demand and capacity. For more information on how to contact them or donate, visit their website.

Pacific Islands, Asia and Asian American Student Center (PIAAA)

Portland State Center for Pacific Islander Asians and Asian Americans (PIAAA) is located at the SMSU on the second floor (room 235), their last job is to search for PSU student parents, or student tutors, for a paid speaking opportunity. For more information on this opportunity and to know their plans for the school year, their Instagram is @psupiaaa.

Disarm the power supply

Disarm PSU is a collective of PSU students and professors who work for unarmed security on campus. The organization has been active since 2014, and from 2021 Campus Public Safety began patrolling without guns. To be part of the organization, learn more or learn more about their progress, visit their Instagram, @disarmpsunow, or visit their website.

PSU Veterans Resource Center

The PSU Veterans Resource Center is an organization dedicated to serving veterans, their dependents and active duty members. They are currently in person for business hours, but otherwise the living room and study space is by appointment only. To make an appointment, visit their website, and, to keep up with their regular posts and information, their Instagram is @psu_vrc.

Disability Resource Center

The DRC (Disability Resource Center) is currently open via a virtual reception. Their mission is to help students with disabilities make campus life fair and accessible. Their office hours are currently Monday through Friday from 2:00 p.m.–5pm in person and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. via Zoom (Meeting ID: 379914326). Their full services can be found on their website or their Instagram, @portlandstatedrc.

La Casa Latina

La Casa Latina is one of PSU’s resource centers that encourage support for all students who belong to the Latinx diaspora. They recently had their open house with faculty interviews and their work with the Chicano / Latino curriculum. They have events coming up in October and more information can be found on their website or via their Instagram, @casalatina_psu.

Native American student and community center

The NASCC is a cultural hotbed for Native Americans, Alaska Natives and Pacific Islanders on the PSU campus. Currently, their Instagram account (@psu_nascc) includes application submissions from NASCC student employees and the recently hosted Oak Savanna salmon pastry shop. More information on their upcoming events and plans can be found through their website.

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