Street cleaning in Philadelphia begins phase 2, drivers are reminded to move cars


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Phase two of the City of Philadelphia’s mechanical street cleaning pilot program begins Monday in four residential areas.

It runs until November 30.

Signs have been put up in the city to remind drivers to move their cars.

For example, signs along McKean 8th Street in South Philadelphia indicate that there is no parking on both sides of the street between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Monday through November.

However, you can see the signs read “April to November” – this originally meant April 2020, but this phase has been pushed back to summer 2021 due to pandemic shutdowns.

In some places, crews started around 8 a.m. and on a day other than that stated, but some did not mind.

“Whatever we have to do. Moving your cars around for a few hours once a week doesn’t matter,” said Jacquelin Welker of South Philadelphia.

Cleanup is a hybrid of mechanical sweeping, sidewalk rubbish and garbage removal, and trash compactor removal.

The first phase took place in 2019 in six neighborhoods, and 96% of residents surveyed in each pilot area supported the expansion of the program across the city.

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This year, Mayor Jim Kenney committed $ 62 million over five years for street cleanups, which kicked off phase two.

There are 14 zones planned for the program, starting with four zones and gradually expanding to other neighborhoods.

The mechanical cleaning pilot program will be launched on Monday in the following areas:

– North Central: Broad to 22nd Sts from Glenwood Ave to Diamond St

– South Philly: McKean St to Oregon Ave from 4th to 8th Sts

– Southwest: Woodland Ave to Kingsessing Ave from 49th St to Cemetery Ave.

– Strawberry Mansion: Diamond Ave to Lehigh St from Sedgley to 33rd Sts

Deployment in 10 additional zones will be announced at a later date. Residents may begin to see no installed parking signs or mechanical sweeping equipment being tested in the following areas:

– Frankford: Bridge to Adams from Griscom St to Torresdale Ave

– Germantown: Berkley to Chelten from Pulaski to Wakefield

– Kensington: 2nd St to Kensington from Tioga to Lehigh Ave

– Logan: Godfrey at Roosevelt Blvd from Broad to 5th Sts

– Nicetown: Broad to Clarissa from Hunting Park Ave to Windrim St.

– Paschall: 58th to 70th from Greenway Ave to Dicks Ave

– Point Breeze: Christian to McKean from Broad at 24th Sts.

– Port Richmond: Kensington to Aramingo from Tioga to Lehigh

– West Fairhill: 5th to 13th Sts from Glenwood to Susquehanna

– West Philly: Parkside to Girard Ave from 52nd to 40th Sts.

These are all neighborhoods identified as having the highest concentration of waste that need additional municipal services to supplement cleanup efforts.

“Having a dog and other people have kids, there’s tons of trash, and it’s hard for them to play and walk outside, so we think that’s great,” said Angela Krutsick of South Philadelphia.

But some think it’s a waste of resources.

“We’ve lived here for 53 years on the same corner and we clean our street. We sweep. We take care of it. We never wanted the city to give us nothing,” said Gerardo Rivera of South Philadelphia.

Rivera added: “The schools need the money. The violence in the city – they can’t do anything, and they worry about the streets.”

The city indicates that the structure and sequence of operations in each pilot area will be:

– Street Department workers equipped with backpack blowers and hand brooms will clean some pilot roads.

– Mechanical brooms will follow the cleaning crews once the debris is blown from the sidewalks and curbs.

– To ensure cleanup is maintained, SWEEP officers will patrol neighborhoods to address waste-related sanitation code violations.

More details here.

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