Spy boss warns enemies, “not today” | The head of the daily newspaper in the North

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“Today is not the day,” is the simple message that Australia’s cybersecurity chief sent to adversaries who wish to harm the country through cyberattacks. Australian Branch of Signals chief executive Rachel Noble said a quarter of all cyber attacks the organization responded to were directed against critical infrastructure such as energy, water, telecommunications and utilities health. Malicious state actors would attack these systems in an attempt to gather intelligence or plant bugs and malware capable of denying, degrading or disrupting these services at any time. But the strength of Australia’s cyberwarfare capabilities means adversaries should think twice about the benefits of launching an attack, Ms Noble said. “We never seek conflict,” she said Thursday. “ASD is increasingly becoming the first and last digital line of defense that protects our country against cyber attacks… and we are currently leading this battle against criminals, state actors and serious and organized crime. “But we want our opponents to do it. Know that we are here. We want them to calculate: Today is not the day.” Ms Noble said Australia’s intelligence capabilities have enabled the leadership to “undertake offensive cyber operations like no one else can.” Offensive operations have also reached a stage that they could shorten. “AUKUS is involved in any war Australia is involved in,” she said. a broad and adaptable partnership which will lead our technological and capability cooperation to meet the challenges of the 21st century in the Indo-Pacific region ”, he declared. Australian Associated Press


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