Small plane lands in Gratiot County farm fields due to mechanical issues – The Morning Sun

Mechanical problems cause a small single-engine plane to make an emergency landing in a farm field in Gratiot County.

On May 28 at around 10:26 a.m., deputies from the Gratiot County Sheriff’s Office were advised to be on the lookout for the small plane.

Kalamazoo Air Traffic Control reported the plane suffered mechanical problems in flight near the village of Merrill in Saginaw County. The plane originally took off from Brighton and was en route to Newberry when the problems started.

Air traffic control said the plane was trying to get to Gratiot Community Airport to land. The last contact the tower had with the plane was about 5 1/2 miles east of the airport and 4 miles south of M-46, although deputies were advised by central dispatch from Gratiot County that they had contacted the pilot by cell phone.

Central Dispatch reported that the pilot was able to execute an emergency landing in a farm field behind a residence on N. Bagley Road.

Deputies identified the pilot as a 40-year-old man with a 39-year-old female passenger, both from Grand Blanc. No injuries to those on the plane and no physical damage to the aircraft were reported.

The FAA was contacted while at the scene, who then diagnosed the plane with a possible fuel pump problem. The aircraft was then cleared and eventually returned to the pilot. The plane was later pulled from the field by Hirschman Farms and towed to Gratiot Community Airport.

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