Sex robot marriages will be normal by 2050 as world morals change, expert says


Sex robots will be considered normal within 30 years, says a doctor who predicted their rise more than a decade ago.

Dr David Levy predicts that just as same-sex marriages were once considered alien, views on artificial intelligence will change rapidly as technology advances.

By 2050, those who oppose humans legally marrying a talking sex machine will be the minority, says Dr Levy who published Love and sex with robots in 2007.

The AI ​​expert told The Daily Star that sex robots will be a force for good as lonely singles around the world will enjoy companionship for the first time.

The more AI sex dolls are built, the faster robots will be accepted

Dr Levy said: “This is not the end of society, although there are people around who for many years have been saying that robots will take over the world, but it is not at all an end. thing of the end of society.

“In fact, I think this marks an important and positive step for the company because I have always believed, since I started writing about it, that the biggest advantage of having realistic sex robots and humans was for people who, for whatever reason, are unable to form proper relationships with humans.

“I think good sex robots that convince in their looks and performance will help these people become less lonely and make them happier.”

The London-based expert predicts a future society of inter-robot relationships, where they will no longer be seen as freakish and seedy.

Susan works on robotics
The possibilities are almost endless for AI in sex robots, says Dr. Levy

Speaking to the Daily Star before The 6th International Congress on Love and Sex with RobotsDr Levy said: “I think my ultimate time estimate is that by 2050 there will be robots marrying, falling in love with robots, having sex with robots on a regular basis, I think that the schedule is always very close to the cards.

“We’re 30 years from this, I think the developments in AI have progressed at a steady pace, I think some of the most difficult problems in AI with massive amounts of research and development going into them. applied and also the dollars needed to do so.

“There are people who have feelings of love for their sex dolls, so I think the potential is there for a lot of humans to fall in love with sex robots, but the technology is not there yet. . “

Humans who can’t find love with another person will marry a sex robot instead, expert says

The prospect of sex robots being rife in homes may seem incredible right now, but Dr Levy, who co-founded an academic conference on the subject, says scientists will make it happen.

He continued, “As in most fields of science and technology, the growth in our knowledge and understanding of these fields is exponential because the more we know about a particular science or technology, the faster it is to do the next one. progress.

“I think we can expect two or three decades of very rapid development in this area.

“I think it will be accepted by the majority of the world’s population, some people will still see them as strange.”

Sex robot
Sex robots will soon be programmed to be straight or gay, according to makers RealDoll

Dr Levy compared current attitudes towards marriages with sex robots to opinions and laws about other prohibited relationships in recent history.

He said: “If you think back to the beginning of the 20th century, if someone had told you that in a hundred years men will marry men and women will marry women, you would have had them certified and embarked on the asylum most. close, look how it has changed.

“In the United States, the whole context of marriage law has changed dramatically.

“It wasn’t that long ago that it was in my life that it was illegal in some states for blacks to marry whites and even have sex with people on the other side. from the color line, look how it has changed.

Sex robot
We are still in the “nascent” stages of sex robots, according to Dr Levy

“I think human moral and sexual mores have changed a lot over the past hundred years, especially over the past 50 years, and I think the change will accelerate.”

The 6th International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots will be broadcast live August 18-19, giving the public a glimpse into the future of AI in the bedroom.

Dr Levy, who was almost jailed for previously hosting the conference in Malaysia, added: “We are still in the infancy of this science.

“Those who come to listen to the discussions will be able to look back into the years and decades to come and remember that they were there listening to some of the ground-breaking work being discussed.”

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