Robots with Soft Grip? NUS researchers launch machine with delicate fingers for soft materials

Have you ever thought of a robot with a soft handle holding its sweet frosting or ripe fruit that wouldn’t crush it? It’s no longer an imagination or a thought, as researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) created one with a soft grip for her fingers. The robot is intended to hold soft materials and handle them with care, without worrying about crushing them with its mechanical being.

Robots with Soft Grip: delicate enough to handle fragile objects?

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NSU reports an innovation that its research team developed, and it is a robot inspired by the dexterity of human hands, a soft-grip machine for fragile materials. Soft-grip robots aren’t new to its development, but what makes this innovation massive is that it actually works and doesn’t destroy.

People think robots are clumsy or lack finesse, but the Singapore team developed one to change the narrative.

The team includes researchers from NUS Department of Biomedical Engineering and his Advanced robotics center. The team designed it specifically for mundane jobs and handling objects with care.

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Delicate fingers for a robot: how do they work?

The robot’s fingers have soft handles with reduced grip strength to accommodate materials without destroying or breaking them.

Every day, things like thin glass, fruits, vegetables, paper and other fragile materials were tested, and it reports promising results.

The program of the gripping force will depend on the setting which will be given to it, depending on the said material. The use of the device is diverse, even for medical purposes.

Best robot creations of 2021

Robots are meant to make life easier and not to take over the world like some wild fantasies in infamous sci-fi movies where these sentient beings turn on their creators. The real robots of the current generation are focused on giving back to the world and helping humans with their daily tasks.

One of the best robot creations of 2021 is a concept by SpaceX and Elon Musk where a mechanical being can create pizza from scratch. Pizza is known as one of the best food choices in the world and has different variations in many countries, originating in Italy.

Another innovation comes from Toyota, and it is the “Human Support Robot” which aims to provide assistance and help humans in simple configurations for the home. The HSR can grab objects from a specific location like the refrigerator to their human being or their family.

A viral creation is a robot that can mimic human facial expressions almost perfectly, resembling human emotions and looks when reacting to certain stimuli.

The world is already welcoming technology with open arms, and robots are the next massive things to dominate it seeing its presence frequently. The devices are meant to improve life and help them with the best possible service.

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