Robotic trials now at KIA


Robotic trials now at KIA

Kempegowda International Airport.  Credit: DH Photo

To help passengers move around Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), authorities have installed 10 assistance robots.

Set up on a trial basis, these robots are designed to eventually help travelers be directed to the correct gate, shopping areas, baggage claim and more.

Now seen as a trial run in the airport’s existing terminal, the robots called “Temi” will guide passengers to drinking water facilities and toilets. Airport officials said it was still a pilot project and the robots were receiving many other questions that could come from passengers.

More such robots are expected to be deployed once the artificial intelligence (AI) system is integrated into their upgraded systems. Each robot will be positioned on a chosen floor, but will not have the ability to cross floors.

A few other airports across the country had used robots to reduce human touch points, sanitize premises and serve sanitizers during the pandemic.

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