Red Jet 7 withdrawn from service after mechanical problem


RED Jet passengers once again face a possible disruption after a vessel has been hit by a mechanical failure.

The Red Jet 7 was withdrawn from service today due to a low fuel pressure alert on the port outboard main engine.

Red Funnel has withdrawn the boat and warned that other crossings may have to be canceled.

It doesn’t even come a week after Red Jet 7 was taken out of service due to a mechanical issue.

The ship was withdrawn from service on October 13 and caused days of disruption for passengers.

A new update on the Red Jet is expected to be released later today.

A spokesperson for Red Funnel said: “This afternoon Red Jet 7 experienced a low fuel pressure alert on the port outboard main engine during the 12:15 am crossing from Southampton to West Cowes.

“This required us to immediately remove the vessel from service, returning it to Southampton for urgent repair. Tugs escorted the Red Jet 7 to Southampton, where it arrived at around 1.15pm with 54 passengers.

“The majority of these passengers boarded the ferry at 2:00 pm, some opting for the next Red Jet at 2:55 pm.

“The safety of our customers and colleagues is our number one priority and at this time the 1:35 pm service from Southampton and the 2:15 pm service from West Cowes have been canceled to allow repairs on Red Jet 7.

“It is possible that other sailings may need to be canceled. We will post another update and further updates on the status of our live service as soon as we have more information.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this will cause to some of our passengers.

“Our engineers are working hard to get the Red Jet 7 back into service as quickly as possible.

“We encourage customers to consider using our vehicle ferry service as an alternate option, which is currently operating on schedule. ”

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