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After a two-year hiatus, the MUTE protocol is back! This time, players need to upgrade their weapon loadout and get the Golden Hammer to destroy the objective, called Brain Case.

This limited-time game mode is fun, ecstatic, and challenging. To celebrate the MUTE protocol, Rainbow Six Siege has released two new universal skins, the Mechanical Hue pack being the first.

Set of mechanical tints

Set Description: Add a splash of color to your loadout with the Particle Robotics weapon skin, applicable to all current weapons, and the Retro Toy Bot charm and exclusive MUTE Protocol Operator Card background. Unlockable for a limited time.

In August 2020, for the first release of MUTE Protocol, Rainbow Six Siege dropped that same universal skin. If you haven’t picked it up by then, now’s your chance!

This universal skin is called Particle robotics, which combines shades of blue, yellow and red to create a futuristic cosmetic. To get the skin, you need to purchase the full set, which also includes an exclusive and also universal operator card charm and background.

It’s not the only universal skin you can get this season. The official seasonal skin for Operation Vector Glare will be in the Rainbow Six Siege store until the current operation ends. Besides that, there is another universal skin to celebrate summer, called Sweets Bundle.

Additionally, alongside the Mechanical Hue Pack, Rainbow Six Siege released the Merging Process Pack.

Both the Mechanical Hue Pack and the Merging Process Pack will be in the in-game store until August 23, the last day of the MUTE protocol.

Is the MUTE protocol fun?

MUTE Protocol is a time-limited event, which means it will only be in the game for a few weeks.

So far, players seem to be enjoying this game mode. It’s the first of its kind in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a challenge, because each kill will improve your set and each death will degrade it. The tower adaptation is also excellent and the colors are attractive. Additionally, having respawn enabled means players are always on the battlefield.

Personally, this is the first time that a time-limited event has intrigued me so much. It is definitely worth trying.

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