NWA Reveals Crockett Cup Support, Including Briscoes & Fandango

The next big thing for the NWA is the Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament. The two-day event will take place March 19-20 in Nashville, TN. Billy Corgan, Joe Galli and Pat Kenney (aka Simon Diamond) revealed seeding the full bracket with the Briscoes as the sizzling decoy.

Crockett Cup Seeds:

1. The Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666)
2. Briscos
3. OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett)
4. Doug Williams and his partner will be announced
5. Strictly Professional (Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis)
6. Pope and Mims
7. Aron Stevens & JR Kratos
8. The End (Parrow & Odinson)
9. Hawx Aerie (Luke Hawx and PJ Hawx)
10. Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG and Dirty Dango)
11. The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK)
12. Gold Rush (Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett)
13. Ill Begotten (2 by Rush Freeman, Captain Yuma, Alex Taylor and Jeremiah Plunkett)
14. The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legurtsky)
15. TBD
16. 4-way play-in

The seeds were inserted into a tournament format for the full bracket.

The Rebelion took first place as the NWA Tag Team Champions. Their opponent will be the winner of a four-way dance to kick off the Crockett Cup event. The participants have not yet been named.

The game that stands out the most is the Briscoes against an unnamed team. The dream for FTR still lives on, damn it! Kenney explained that the NWA would make the selection separately from potential teams submitting resumes.

Doug Williams was supposed to tag Nick Aldis as British Invasion, but Aldis called in his rematch clause to challenge Matt Cardona for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. This means that Aldis will not participate in the tournament. Corgan will grant Williams the right to choose his own partner.

A pair of household names stand out as the 10th seed. JTG and Dirty Dango (fka Fandango) bring their appeal as Dirty Sexy Boys. They have a tough match against former NWA Champions in Aron Stevens (fka Damien Sandow) and JR Kratos.

Matt Cardona used his newly acquired power as world champion to demand a spot for his buddies. Mike Knox and VSK enter the mix as The Cardonas.

Part of the fun with parentheses is picking upsets and an ultimate winner. The Rebelion, Briscoes and OGK are solid favorites to make it to the final four in my opinion. I would be very surprised by an upheaval in these teams. Without Nick Aldis, the British invasion takes a hit. I would choose Strictly Business to progress from this cluster.

4 of the top 5 teams in the final four aren’t that spicy, but those would probably make the best matches. Briscoes and OGK had ROH Match of the Year for 2021. In the end, I think The Rebelion beat the Briscoes to win the Crockett Cup. The Briscoes are a main attraction at the event, so fans will want to see them qualify for the final. This is where the Dem Boys replaced the reigning NWA Champions.

Also of note for the Crockett Cup event, Kamille will defend the NWA Women’s World Championship, Tyrus will defend the NWA World Television Championship, and Allysin Kay and Marti Belle will defend the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship.

Which Crockett Cup matches are you excited about? Who is your pick to win? Which team has the best chance of being a parenthesis breaker Cinderella?

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