New Macross trailers feature new characters, music and mechanics


New trailers for the upcoming Macross Delta movie and the new Macross Frontier short feature both new characters and the return of old favorites.

New trailers have been released for the upcoming Macross Delta movie sequel, as well as the all-new Macross border short which will accompany it when it premieres in Japanese theaters on October 8.

The new trailer for Macross Delta: Zettai LIVE !!!!!! presents the first look at the Yami_Q_Ray sound unit, which will rival the Walkure group of the series. The new trailer also features some brief glimpses of the new Valkyrie fighters who will be making their debut in the film, as well as the surprise return of fan-favorite character Max Jenius, the pilot ace from the original. Macross Super Dimensional Fortress who was last seen as a captain in the 1994s Macross 7. While the first Macross Delta the film was simply a compilation film that recounted the events of the television series, Zettai LIVE !!!!!! will tell a new story that sees Walkure and the Valkyrie pilots who protect them encounter a new threat to the galaxy. A new poster has also been revealed for the film, which shows how new group Yami_Q_Ray stack up against the original Walkure.

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Macross Delta movie poster with Walkure

A new trailer was also shown for Macross Frontier Short: Labyrinth of Time. New short seems to take place after the 2011 film’s Bittersweet finale Macross Frontier: Wings of Farewell, and shows an older-looking Ranka Lee with a new haircut and new costume, as she recalls her past adventures with Sheryl Nome and Alto Saotome. The trailer features the new song “Toki No Meikyuu”, which was written by Yoko Kanno, the legendary composer who previously wrote the sheet music for Cowboy Bebop and its upcoming live-action remake, which also produced all of the music from the original Macross border animated series.

Both theatrical releases are being produced to celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Macross franchise, which began with the debut of the original and hugely influential Macross Super Dimensional Fortress in 1982. The series is widely known for its iconic mecha designs from anime legend Shoji Kawamori, its timeless soundtrack and dramatic storyline, which portrays massive space warfare from a more personal perspective. The series was also praised for showing the lasting effects of this war, as the second half of the series detailed the struggles of its survivors to rebuild society and overcome the prejudices and enduring traumas born during the conflict. The show spawned several sequel series, including the critically acclaimed 1994 Macross More, whose English dub features a young Bryan Cranston.

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The Macross The series was also originally imported to the United States as part of Harmony Gold’s Robotech series, which took elements from three completely different and unrelated animated series – Macross, Genesis Climber Mospeada and Southern Cross of the Super Dimenion Cavalry – and rewrote and re-edited them together to create a new show. While Robotech is praised for being one of the first mecha anime to be localized for Western audiences, a long-standing legal dispute between Harmony Gold and the Japanese creators of Macross ultimately blocked the release of the original anime or any of its sequel series internationally. This legal battle was recently settled earlier in 2021, which will finally allow both series to be reissued. Although there have not yet been any announcements regarding the distribution of any new Macross in the United States, Funimation recently announced a new Blu-ray version of Robotech.

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