MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile TKL Mechanical Keyboard Review

MSI is one of the biggest and best names in the business, creating everything from stunning PC cases to the latest and greatest in graphics cards. We’re kicking things off with something smaller today, as they just released their new VIGOR GK50 Low Profile TKL keyboard. This keyboard has actually been on the market for a few years, but the TKL version is the new thing. For those who want a more compact design, this is perfect for the job. Whether you’re gaming at home or traveling to play esports, you can now enjoy the benefits of the more compact design. Because it’s smaller, it frees up desk space, giving you more room to move your mouse around. Of course, being smaller, it is also easier to store and transport.

MSI Vigor GK50 low profile TKL

The MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile TKL Mechanical Keyboard is well equipped and should be perfect for anyone who takes their keyboards seriously. It comes with the latest Kailh low profile white mechanical switches. These feature per-key dynamic RGB backlighting, allowing you full color customization. The keyboard top is constructed from a slice of aluminum, which looks great but also improves the overall rigidity of the keyboard. Beyond that, you get USB-C connectivity, full N-Key failover and anti-ghosting, built-in profiles, and three angle settings. So, let’s grab the box and take a closer look!


  • Kailh Low Profile White Switches
  • Per-key RGB lighting with mystical light
  • Floating and octagonal keys.
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • 3 integrated profiles
  • USB-C connector
  • 1.8m USB cable included
  • Three adjustable angles (5, 8 and 11 degrees)

For detailed features and specifications, please visit the official MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile TKL product page here.

What MSI had to say

“Gamers will revel in the incredible click feedback delivered on every keystroke with 50gf operating force in its compact, space-saving form factor. mouse for an ideal gaming setup.Designed to meet portability requirements, the VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL provides a detachable Type-C to Type-A cable and a breathable, scratch-resistant drawstring bag, allowing for hassle-free transport and storage. Plus, the high-low key design allows your hands and wrists to stay in a naturally comfortable position while gaming, reducing fatigue.–MSI

Kailh low profile

msi vigor gk50 low profile tkl 1

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