Most anticipated games of 2022

It’s a fresh new year, full of promise! But what are the most anticipated games of 2022? Siliconera staff made their choices below. Share yours in the comments!

When Square Enix unveiled Stranger From Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin? It didn’t interest me at all. While Team Ninja’s involvement had piqued my curiosity, the initial trailer made me feel lukewarm. Now my opinion has completely changed on the game after seeing a clip on Twitter regarding the second demo released during the Tokyo Game Show 2021.

The moment Jack Garland left the stage accompanied by what is probably going to be an absolutely nerdy nu-metal song made me immensely excited for the game. I love the camp and I love things that are serious enough to be serious enough. be endearing. I think if anything Stranger from paradise is going to be just that. So I’m looking forward to the game’s release! – Kazuma

triangle strategy square enix

I have high hopes for Triangular strategy. The demo is pretty solid! And Square Enix is ​​doing its job, using its feedback to improve the end game. I dreamed of another Final Fantasy Tactics-title style. Could it be that? (But also if Square Enix wants to make a shadowdrop Final Fantasy Tactics Advance collection on Switch next year, I won’t complain!) – Jenni

most anticipated relay in 2022

Mecha strategy RPGs seem to have reappeared in recent years. We have had Cross spokes of the SD Gundam G generation released in 2019, and Super Robot Wars 30 was released last October. Both titles are available worldwide on PC. But now my sights are on Relay, which will appear globally on PS5 and PS4 next February. I am curious to see how the Wars of god the team goes from a Japanese folk story to space mecha combat. And I hope he can get some spotlight before Triangular strategy completely buries the competition in March. – Kite

the most anticipated games of 2022 granblue fantasy relink

I had quite a few games lined up in Window 2022 to highlight, like Ancient ring or the recent announcement Dune: the war of spices Where Homeworld 3, but then Cygames had to go and blow everything out of the water confirming Granblue Fantasy: Relink for the same year.

When it comes to writing and humor, Granbleu is easily one of the best recent JRPGs that many people outside of Japan and the overseas otaku contingent haven’t played yet, despite having one of the best locations on the field and some magnificent art. GBVS opened cracks in this wall, but I hope Connect (coupled with official support for the creation of an account abroad in Granbleu itself) will be what it takes to get it out. – Josh

the most anticipated games of the advanced wars of 2022

There are a lot of cool games coming in 2022, but if I’m being honest I only have eyes for one. Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp is the return of one of my favorite franchises after way too long, and while I’ve loved revisiting GBA originals recently, the series needs a larger audience to find new life. A solid Switch entry will hopefully do just that. – Graham

What are your most anticipated games of 2022? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other hands-on panel discussions for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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