MechWarrior 5: 10 best mods, ranked


The MechWarrior series is easily one of the most underrated franchises in gaming history. Fans of this series have been salivating for a proper entry into this franchise since 2002, but have only been disappointed for a very long time – then came the release of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

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Suddenly fans of the series were finally able to play a new game in the MechWarrior series after an excruciating wait that spanned nearly two decades. That being said, you have to admit that MechWarrior 5 is anything but a perfect game. There is a litany of issues that could hamper the overall experience. But, with the use of the following mods, players can definitely optimize their experience with MechWarrior 5 considerably.

Painting theme economy

Paint Theme Saving Mod for MechWarrior 5

Undoubtedly, a big part of any mecha game is the act of customizing the mecha that the players control. This is certainly a feature of MechWarrior 5, although its implementation is rather dismal.

A big offender in this regard is the fact that a player’s robot colors cannot be saved. This is a problem that is corrected with the painting theme recording mod, although it should have been part of the game to begin with.

Improved laser beam visuals

Improved laser beam visuals for MechWarrior 5

A mecha game would be incomplete without lasers. It is therefore quite normal that MechWarrior 5 offers a multitude of laser attacks. However, sometimes they can not look very good.

Fortunately, with the use of the improved mod of the visuals of the laser beam, these beams now have greater visual fidelity. Blasting enemy robots to pieces will never look so good.

Weather improvement mod

Weather improvement mod for MechWarrior 5

The landscape of MechWarrior 5 is hardly anything to write home about. This is especially true when it comes to the weather conditions, which seem rather disappointing.

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Fortunately, the weather improvement mod deals with these issues. Now players can experience debilitating snowstorms, clouds moving at normal speed, sunny days and dark nights, all of which contribute immensely to the overall immersion of the game.

Realistic weapon speeds

There is a wide array of weapons to choose from and use in MechWarrior 5. While the vast majority of these weapons are quite satisfactory to use, it has to be admitted that sometimes these weapons seem quite floating to use due to their unrealistic speeds.

Players who are plagued with this issue can use the Realistic Weapon Velocity mod. True to its name, this mod fixes weapon speed and ensures that they mimic real-world weapons as much as possible. Weapons affected by this mod are Auto Cannons, PPCs, Gauss Rifles, and LRMs.

MW5 Mercs Backup Editor

MechWarrior 5

Sometimes playing a game and doing things the right way isn’t exactly the most satisfying way to play the game. After all, there’s a reason cheat codes and the like are so important and loved. in most video game titles.

So, in an effort to enable a workaround that allows players to cheat in MechWarrior 5, modders have released a save editor that allows players to get the same. The MW5 Mercs backup editor allows players to adjust company funds, add or remove inventory items, change weapon levels, add or remove mechanics, change faction reputation and to modify the values ​​of the skill limits and experience points for the pilots of the game.

Coyotes Mission Pack

Coyotes Mission Pack mod for MechWarrior 5

There was a time when the expression “procedural generation” was viewed with a sense of dread. However, over time, players have come to realize that most forms of procedurally generated content not found in roguelikes or other such genres end up serving as a way to lazily insert content into a. Game.

Uninspired mission structures are commonplace in MechWarrior 5 and end up hurting the overall experience. However, with the Coyotes Mission Pack mod, players can now engage with more diverse procedurally generated content that is really fun to play.

Yet another weapon

Yet another weapon mod for MechWarrior 5

For the most part, the range of weapons present in MechWarrior 5 is quite impressive. However, there are bound to be players who would like this title to feature a larger selection of artillery that can take down the opposition at any time.

It’s here that the mod yet another weapon enters the scene. This mod incorporates a host of unique yet familiar in-game weapons that are great to use … literally, sometimes!

Improved HUD (with advanced zoom)

Improved HUD mod for MechWarrior 5

A HUD is easily one of the most critical parts that govern a player’s experience with the game. A good heads-up display ends up communicating everything a player needs to know without going overboard – something that MechWarrior 5 can sometimes struggle.

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Gamers who want MechWarrior 5’s HUD to be as perfect as possible should ideally check out the improved HUD mod. In addition to the advertised zoom feature, this mod also repositions the minimap, adds parabolic effects, allows players to set a custom color for their HUD, adds new crosshairs, and incorporates a host of other changes to ensure that players don’t suffer from information overload in a tense battle.

Better spawns

Best Spawns mod for MechWarrior 5

Spawns of enemies are essential to keep the level of conflict constant in any action game. While MechWarrior 5 manages to do the same with its build system, it must be admitted that some enemies sometimes appear too unrealistically in-game.

Fortunately, with the Better Spawns mod, this problem will be a thing of the past. Now enemies spawn further away and spawn realistically, which is a huge help in keeping the immersion level intact.

MW5 Mercs reloaded

MW5 Mercs Reloaded mod for MechWarrior 5

The level of work put in the MW5 Mercs Reloaded mod in fact the best mod that gamers can download for MechWarrior 5 by a country mile. It packs a bunch of in-game features that dramatically change the whole experience.

For starters, this mod unleashes the full potential of the mechlab, allows mechs to be affected by environmental heat, incorporates heat vision, adds a targeting computer, and dramatically changes the leveling system. These are just a few of the many changes that make the MW5 Mercs Reloaded a must-have for any player who wants to dramatically improve their enjoyment with MechWarrior 5 and its various systems.

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