Matt Cardona and Mick Foley crushed NWA Hard Times 2 main event

Raise your hand if you predicted that Matt Cardona and Mick Foley would participate at an angle to close an NWA PPV in 2021. Anyone? Person? No surprise there, but it was quite surprising as they did it at the end to Hard times 2 Saturday evening (December 4).

Trevor Murdoch faced Mike Knox in the main event with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the line. He was a beefy sloberknocker. Knox was in control after a superplex and a reverse STO. The champion refused to lose and found an opening for a flying bulldog to claim the victory.

Let’s stop for a moment. Earlier in the evening, Foley appeared as the special holiday guest. Santa Mick remembered wrestling under the NWA banner 30 years ago. His eyes are currently on the talented wrestlers in the NWA locker room. However, if someone crosses the villain line, it might not be the last time we see Foley.

It turned out to be a foreshadowing. Immediately after Murdoch retained the world title, Cardona arrived at ringside. He seemed like a friend at first. While Murdoch was busy with Cardona’s presence, Knox went on a rampage like a sore loser with a low blow from behind on the champion’s jewelry.

Foley sensed something wrong, so he went out with a Christmas present ahead of time. Pope barged in to fight Knox. Cardona stepped forward to crush Pope in the steps of the ring. He entered the ring to inquire about Murdoch’s health. Knox attacked the champion again with a big boot. Cardona picked up the ten pounds of gold with a smile and placed them on Murdoch’s chest.

Behind the scenes, Cardona shyly played on her motives during a post-show interview with Josh Shernoff. He mentioned that Knox is one of his best friends. That’s why he intervened with Pope. On the title belt, he had to find out if the superb championship actually weighed ten pounds as advertised. Cardona admitted that he wanted silver and gold, but that wasn’t necessarily why he ran for the NWA.

Cardona is in the midst of a career resurgence. He has been in the Deathmatch Championship scene in GCW, will compete for the Impact World Championship against Moose and W. Morrissey at Hard to kill on January 8, and now it looks like he’ll be a major player for the NWA. Cardona’s next step with the NWA is uncertain, but one thing is certain is that it’s a crazy time to be a wrestling fan.

Hard times 2 PPV results include:

  • NWA Women’s World Championship: Kamille retained against Melina. The challenger fought hard, focusing on damaging the shoulder for the Muta Lock. Kamille escaped and trapped Melina in a leg submission. At the break, Melina’s knee pad slipped. It looked like she had removed the foreign object with the intention of shattering it. Before Melina could strike, Kamille rushed forward with a spear to win.
  • Tribute in the ring to Jazz. The women’s fighting phenomenon hosted the NWA Women’s World Championship for 948 days from September 2016 to April 2019. She thanked WWE, ECW and NWA for the opportunities for success. Jazz prided itself on having the talent and ability (T&A) to win championships and pass that knowledge on by working behind the scenes to produce matches.
  • Grudge Match: Nick Aldis defeated Thom Latimer. Latimer turned the tide with a piledriver. He was in control with baton blows. Latimer went for another piledriver, however, Aldis countered for a jackknife pin for the win. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Aldis exposed Latimer’s posterior cheeks.
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship: Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf selected against Parrow & Odinson. Mecha escaped the Doomsday device. Bestia pushed Odinson off the turnbuckles which collided with Parrow on a flying shoulder tackle. Bestia followed with a frog splash at Parrow and then knocked out Odinson with a tope con hilo on the outside. Mecha finished the job with a splash of 450 to pin Parrow down. Subsequently, JTG and Fandango took to the stage with the desire for the titles.
  • NWA National Championship: Chris Adonis retained against Judais. The challenger connected on a flying clothesline, but twisted his leg on the landing. Adonis used the Master Lock to force a submission.
  • NWA World Television Championship: Tyrus held against Cyon. No DQ match with chairs, trash can and table. Cyon was on the verge of victory when he bombarded Tyrus with turnbuckles across a table. Jordan Clearwater and BLK Jeez ran to attack Cyon. Special referee Pope accidentally ended Cyon’s chances. Tyrus aggressively taunted Pope. Pope lost his temper and his punches. When he charged for a running knee, he unintentionally punched Cyon after Tyrus pulled away. Favorite, 1, 2, 3, victory.
  • Impact Knockouts Championship: Mickie James held against Kiera Hogan. Very good match. Hogan gained momentum after a super kick. She wasted precious seconds pumping the crowd before heading out for a flying crossbody. James took the impact and then rolled to steal the pin.
  • Colby Corino defeated Doug Williams. Corino was flanked by two large bubbas known as the Fixers. They grabbed his feet to stop Williams from executing the Chaos Theory. Williams charged again but crashed into the corner when Corino dodged. Corino jumped up for the casita pin to win. It spoiled Williams’ return to the United States.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett selected against Aron Stevens & JR Kratos. Stevens scored a roll-up on Taven, but Bennett hit him with a forearm to reverse the position with Taven on top to win. It should be noted that Stevens kissed his inner heel using cheap tactics after trying hard to play fair. He got his eyes out and grabbed some pantyhose. OGK retains the ROH tag titles to defend against the Briscoes in the final battle on December 11.
  • NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifier: Austin Aries defeated Rhett Titus. The teacher beat the student by hitting a chain of movements and closing with a brainbuster.

First part the results include:

  • NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Gauntlet: Homicide won. The rules called for a new participant every 90 seconds with elimination by pinfall or submission. The other contestants were Luke Hawx, Kerry Morton, Sal Rinauro, Ariya Daivari, PJ Hawx, CW Anderson, Alex Taylor, Victor Benjamin, Ricky Morton, Jeremiah Plunkett and Jamie Stanley. Homicide outlasted the 8th place peloton to finish Kerry Morton with a Koji super cutter for the ultimate victory. The winner got a pass to the last four of the Championship tournament.
  • NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Allysin Kay & Marti Belle retained against Kylie Rae & Tootie Lynn, Natalia Markova & Missa Kate, and Jennacide & Paola Blaze. Lady Frost was absent due to illness. She has been replaced by Kate. Taryn Terrell decided Jennacide would cash in on her title shot, which became a fatal four-to-four. The Hex nailed Lynn with a team racing boot in a forward slam to win.
  • Mims defeated Jax Dane. Mims got a crucifix pin while Dane was doing showboating.

Darius Lockhart was not medically cleared to compete, but he cut a promo revealing a new show online. NWA USA is coming soon. No further details have yet been released.

The rebroadcast of Hard times 2 is available via Fite TV (here).

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