Market launch of the Kompano tomato leaf cutter


Remember Kompano, the autonomous and fully automated leaf cutter robot for tomato crops introduced by Priva a few years ago? Well, it is ready for its market introduction. Priva will present Kompano on September 28 at Greentech.

“The Kompano is the first robot on the market capable of moving independently in a greenhouse alongside employees. This makes autonomous leaf cutting in 24/7 horticulture a new reality, ”says the company, adding that the implementation of robotization is a major revolution in the horticultural market and meets the global need for sustainable innovation with enormous potential.

The challenges of work
Crop handling is an important part of daily operations. The problems facing producers are becoming more and more complex. Qualified and paid staff have become scarce, while global demand
for food continues to grow at an accelerated rate. Robotics provides a solution by increasing the continuity and predictability of daily operations while keeping costs at a similar or even lower level.
Due to many variables, complexity and ever-changing conditions in a greenhouse, growers demand smart, user-friendly technology combined with operational robustness and durability. Priva has, over the years, invested time, energy and money in the development of robotic innovations for horticulture.

After extensive research and development, and always in cooperation with our test greenhouse growers, Kompano is now completely ready for use in the market.

Alternative to manual leaf stripping
Kompano is designed to remove leaves from tomato plants 24/7. It is the first robot in the world that offers users an economically viable alternative to manual leaf stripping of tomato crops. Smart algorithms and a patented end effector ensure efficiency of over 85% over a weekly range of 1 hectare.

Kompano makes it easier for producers to manage their workforce. Kompano is easily controlled by a smart device and adjustable to user preferences and requirements. Kompano will work perfectly
alongside the staff and take care of the most laborious tasks. Kompano offers assistance in training personnel in the use of the equipment and a comprehensive service program.

Priva developed the Kompano in partnership with the main Dutch producers, technology partners and experts. The cooperation, patience, perseverance and intense involvement of producers have proven to be
essential: only users can truly assess the practical applicability of the robot.

Kompano has been tested in several greenhouses in the Netherlands. Priva and MTA in Helmond developed the robot and prepared it for production. A series of 50 robots is in production at MTA.
The first Kompano are delivered and used by the producers. Ultimately, the Kompano range will be extended to a leaf cutter robot for cucumbers and harvesting robots for tomatoes and cucumbers.

Unveiling of the Kompano De-leaf line
The official unveiling will take place at Greentech Amsterdam on September 28 at 1 p.m. Meet Priva at booth 363.

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