Macross Plus Movie Edition debuts in the US in December


Picture: Amazon Prime Video

Fathom Events has something big in store for anime fans later this year. Macross Plus Movie Edition will premiere in theaters in December, with tickets on sale soon via the official site.

There are currently screenings with English subtitles planned for Tuesday 14 December.

The 1995 feature film is the theatrical version of the four-part OVA series, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) and Shoji Kawamori (Escaflowne’s vision), with a timeless soundtrack by composer Yoko Kanno.


In 2040, on the distant planet Eden, former childhood friends Isamu Dyson and Guld Bowman find themselves as test pilots of rival teams in a competition to decide the next generation of variable mecha fighters. The two also have to face their own unresolved story with mutual love interest, Myung Fang Lone, who returns as the manager of Sharon Apple, the AI ​​pop star (virturoid) and the biggest sensation of song of the galaxy. When Sharon’s advanced artificial intelligence realizes, Isamu, Myung and Guld must face their turbulent past and reunite as Sharon Apple realizes herself and takes control of Macross Fortress herself!

Source: Fathom Events


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