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When they read letters to the editor, it seems like they always agree with or disagree with someone or something according to the TV news network which provides information about what is going on in. the world and at some point. So, unless you’re in the news, most of us have to depend on what we see and read provided by those who generate the stories to stay on top of world events.

My favorite quote is: “If you don’t read the newspaper you are not informed, and if you read the newspaper you are misinformed.

Now, if you include the news being broadcast on social media like Facebook and Twitter or podcasts, the news becomes something like the Tower of Babbling with every crazy post being broadcast to the world by complete fools. Then you have the unknown censors who choose what is right or wrong, depending on their point of view or who pays the most money.

My final example would be that China has started an undeclared war with the United States. The first attack was China’s discontent with President Trump, and a cyber war was launched to remove Trump from office and divide the United States on the basis of race and politics. The attack worked because the United States is split in two if the polls are to be believed.

The second attack was the release of COVID-19 which locked down fundamental freedoms and destroyed the education of future generations. The CDC was taken by surprise and rushed to find a functional defense based on its knowledge of biological weapons being developed by labs funded by the US government. I think the government knew the United States was under attack from China, but couldn’t announce it because it would mean starting a hot war with China.

The United States is not able to survive another war, and I don’t think most of the United Nations or NATO would support the United States if they declared a war. The only defense the United States has is to demand that all American citizens and all military personnel take virus vaccines as the first defense of war until the military can rebuild its forces after years of neglect. The military needs to hire and train smart hackers and better mask protection providers.

If most Americans understood that we are at war and that by taking antiviruses they were protecting the United States from a common enemy that is trying to defeat us with biological weapons and cyber disinformation, people would pull themselves together like that. has happened in the past. People would do whatever is necessary to protect our country, even if it meant taking unknown virus protection.

Ray edwards


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