LEGO Ninja Combo Mech offers a lot of value

In the new year, we focused on LEGO Star Wars reviews, but another 2022 kit caught my eye. Packing plenty of anime callbacks into a value-packed build, the LEGO Ninja Ultra Combo Mech has been one of my favorite kits for years.

LEGO Ninja Ultra Combo Mech hands-on review

Released as part of the LEGO Ninjago 2022 New Wave, the Ninja Ultra Combo Mech just arrived earlier this year. As one of the flagship kits in the line, it arrives with 1,104 pieces and seven minifigures in total, priced at $89.99 to match. Taking advantage of all those bricks, the set consists of four different vehicles that can all combine into one massive mech.

Each of the different models in the set has space for their respective pilots, which are included in four of the main figures. There’s also a side build piloted by one of the two snack warriors to fight against if that’s your thing too.

The main mech is the largest of the four builds in the LEGO Ninja Combo Mech. This red robot uses more bricks than the other parts of the set, and it takes advantage of some unique techniques to achieve its classic samurai design.

Another design note: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the various inspirations that have made their way into the set. For the mecha here we have signature styles that are straight out of Studio Trigger Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Anyone familiar with the series will instantly notice the sunglasses-like detailing of the mech as an apparent callback, if the red color scheme and overall shape weren’t already enough.

Next we have a white tank that makes up the legs of the fully combined LEGO Ninja Ultra Combo Mech. This one takes a distinct design approach to the red mecha, opting for a sturdier build that features a set of moving treads on each side of the body. This mech is the second largest build in the set, and I think it makes very solid use of its allocated bricks. Besides relying on too many stickers, this is a new build that might even stand on its own as a set.

Moving on to the mecha combo arms, the latest LEGO Ninjago set also includes a car equipped with a pair of massive drills on the front. This black and gold vehicle is unfortunately my least favorite of all the inclusions, mostly due to how unpolished it looks compared to the others. It’s the biggest compromise of the set and leaves a little too much to the imagination.

The final appearance of the LEGO Ninja Ultra Combo Mech is a purple jet. This one might be the least complex of the vehicles, but it leverages more interesting techniques in order to keep things interesting with the set. I’m a big fan of the moving wings and the addition of banners on either side of the cockpit is also a highlight. And if that wasn’t enough, the inspiration of SSSS.Gridman, another anime series, really shines.

LEGO achieves the ultimate combination.

Once you’ve assembled all four mini-vehicles in the set, you can really make sure the LEGO Ninja Ultra Combo Mech lives up to its name. Hidden within each of the builds are different ways to nest the creations into a larger model. Like a mech, the various pilots combine into a single Super Robot-like design.

And wow, does this final model really come together! Honestly, it’s a feat of LEGO engineering how well all the different pieces fit together to make the biggest robot. Despite its size (and let me just say this thing is massive for a LEGO robot), there’s still plenty of stability. It also doesn’t sacrifice articulation, so you can have the set recreate iconic anime poses in your collection.

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While LEGO Star Wars is something of my first love, Ninjago always keeps me coming back for more. The new LEGO Ninja Ultra Combo Mech reminds me of exactly why. He offers a downright awesome kit that is also great value. I could only have dreamed of a set like this when I was a kid raised on shows like Power Rangers and Voltron and mecha anime like gurren lagann, Raiden, Gundam, and Gridman as a young adult.

It’s a build that’s full of references, but it also manages to shine as a fresh take on classic mecha tropes. You can tell the set designer is a big fan of the genre, and it really shows in the quality of the final product.

Now that my fan-girling is out of the way, there are some aspects of the LEGO Ninja Ultra Combo Mech that aren’t exactly ideal. For starters, the price of it could have been adjusted. I don’t mean it’s overpriced – it’s actually as outstanding a set as you’ll find for $90. I just wish the LEGO Group had either raised the price by $10 to accommodate a more complete build, or dropped the parallel creation.

The bottom line here is that the LEGO Group has never released such a good mecha kit. Even though we’ve seen countless Marvel mechs appear over the years (and memorable creations like the LEGO Ideas Voltron), none of them come close to the Ninja Ultra Combo Mech.

Even if you’ve never built a Ninjago set in your life, this one is worth checking out. Especially at Price $90! Just as I’d expect from the Ninjago City lineup, the Ninja Ultra Combo Mech is so good it transcends the source material. I’m sure fans of the LEGO theme will be delighted with what this build has to offer.

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