LEGO Lightyear sets unveiled with three upcoming bulds

As Disney prepares to release the new animated Lightyear movie in theaters this summer, The LEGO Group is ready to show off its movie-tie-in kits. Delivering three versions of the next release, there’s a series of exclusive figures to complement the exciting new releases.

Three new LEGO Lightyear sets unveiled

Giving us a first glimpse of the latest sets in collaboration with Disney, new construction begins before the film Light year hits theaters later this summer. There are three different creations at different price points, each inspired by the film. While there are certainly callbacks to everything we know about the Space Ranger from Toy Story and beyond, these also join the likes of the Buzz Lightyear BrickHeadz we saw dropping earlier in the year.

Just a little spoiler warning before we really dive in. While the trailers didn’t give away much about some of the film’s key plot points, the new LEGO Lightyear sets appear to have some inclusions that cross the line into spoiler territory.

The standout in the range is the LEGO Lightyear flagship set with the XL-15 spaceship. This vehicle has received a lot of love in trailers and honestly looks even better in its brick form. He enters the $49.99 prize and backs it up with 497 pieces alongside three exclusive figures. This is of course Buzz Lightyear himself alongside two other characters.

Next up is the Battle of Zurg which takes place at $29.99, which delivers another pair of unique figures. These have the iconic Buzz Lightyear armor packs we’ve come to know and love from Toy Story and interchangeable heads that have both Space Rangers in a more travel-friendly outfit. A large Zurg mecha is the main build of the kit with a new molded element for the villain’s signature look.

Finally, we have a 4+ set that will be suitable for young Lightyear fans with 87 LEGO pieces. Referred to as the Zyclops Chase, this kit is smaller at $19.99 but still includes the titular Buzz Lightyear alongside fellow Space Ranger Izzy Hawthorne.

All LEGO Lightyear sets:

  • XL-15 spacecraft: $49.99 | 497 pieces
  • Battle of Zurg: $29.99 | 261 pieces
  • Zyclops Chase: $19.99 | 87 pieces

While we’re going to see a slew of new LEGO kits land on April 1, the new Lightyear sets won’t launch until later in the month. Much like the new LEGO Star Wars sets hitting shelves in late April, these are set to release on the 24th.

9to5Toys review:

Let’s just forget for a second that these sets are marked around Light year, because they have to be some of the coolest LEGO builds in a while. I’m about to drool over the XL-15 spacecraft and its Viper-inspired design. That cool factor aside, there’s a lot to love about the kits and whether you’re a Lightyear fan or just into some great LEGO builds, I’m sure they’ll appeal to a wide range of builders.

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