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Knightscope, Inc.. [Nasdaq: KSCP], a developer of advanced physical security technologies focused on improving security operations in the United States, today announced another Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) deployment in the San Francisco Bay Area with a American Fortune 500 clothing and accessories retailer. The K5 ASR patrols outside its California headquarters to deter and detect intruders and help ensure the safety of employees and visitors. According to the California Retailers Association, businesses in San Francisco and Oakland lose $3.6 billion annually due to theft. With more than 2,300 company-owned stores across the United States, rolling out this customer could lead to an opportunity for widespread expansion, especially at a time when security concerns and liability issues have led many businesses to take a very passive approach to retail crime. The K5 ASR observes and reports, assisting security and law enforcement professionals in the investigation and recovery of stolen property.

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About Knightscope

Knightscope is a Silicon Valley-based advanced security technology company that builds fully autonomous security robots that deter, detect and report. Knightscope’s long-term ambition is to make the United States of America the safest country in the world. Learn more about us at Follow Knightscope on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and instagram.

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