King of Fighters 15 Special Animated Short Reveals a Glimpse of the Villain

Man that would be so cool like anime or OVA

Unfortunately, Japanese fighting games have moved further and further away from cutscenes or anime movies over the past decade, but that also makes them much more special when they appear now.

SNK officially released the special anime short for The King of Fighters 15 tonight, and it’ll probably leave you wanting more.

The video begins with Shun’ei and Team Hero preparing to fight what appears to be the game’s final boss and gives our first look at the villain.

We still don’t technically know their identities, though it’s probably safe to assume they’re connected to Verse and Shun’ei’s Blue Ghost Hand given their appearance.

The short then gives us a bunch of slick characters and action shots from the roster, which really doesn’t reveal anything else new, but it’s still cool to see

Seeing shots like Kyo vs. Iori and K’ vs. Krohnen is definitely the highlight from a visual standpoint, and it’s kind of sad to see it end after just 90 seconds.

As previously announced, this short film was directed by the legendary Masami Obari (at least if you’re a mecha fan), who previously directed Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture and also provided character designs for the film and character designs. two other Fatal Fury anime Specials from the early 90s.

It’s not entirely confirmed, but this short will likely serve as KOF15’s intro video, though you can go ahead and take a look now below.

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