Israel unveils new autonomous armed robotic vehicle to be tested in 2023

In April 2022, The Israeli Ministry of Defense has tested its new laser-based missile defense system called Iron Beam, and now the The ministry said it would begin testing a new unmanned robotic combat vehicle on Monday that is being developed with several Israeli arms companies, reported the Israel time.

A powerful autonomous weapon

The vehicle is called the Medium Robotic Combat Vehicle (M-RCV).

“M-RCV capabilities include a highly autonomous solution for advanced reconnaissance and controlled lethality in off-road conditions,” the ministry said in a statement. “It is operational day or night in all-weather scenarios, while emphasizing operational efficiency, simplicity, minimal operator intervention and integration into unmanned heterogeneous networks. .”

The weapon was unveiled for the first time at the Eurosatory defense exhibition held in Paris and it incorporates several “advanced technologies”. It includes an anti-tank missile launcher and a drone transport and reception system. It also has the ability to carry heavy loads and perform advanced maneuvers.

Many companies cooperated to build the new weapon. The robotic platform was the work of BL Advanced Ground Support Systems; a 30 millimeter machine gun turret was designed by the Ministry’s Tank and APC Directorate, which reports to the Ministry’s Defense Research and Development Directorate.

Additionally, an active defense system has been developed by Elbit Systems; and the missile launcher that can launch Rafael Advanced Defense Systems “Spike” anti-tank missiles was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries.

“The system was developed under the autonomous battlefield concept conducted in DDR&D in conjunction with tank and APC management while implementing an open architecture to integrate future capabilities and integrate the robot into alongside other tools and capabilities,” the ministry added.

A video that presents the many capabilities of the M-RCV

Ministry video shows the M-RCV traversing a variety of fields and on dirt roads, as well as using its gun with automatic target recognition. The clip also features the new weapon launching a drone using a robotic arm and incorporating self-driving with artificial intelligence and scene-matching technology for route planning.

The BL platform on which the M-RCV is based is an “ongoing development project for an unmanned ground vehicle. The BLR provides extreme ground mobility, coupled with “drive by wire” technology, giving mission control the ability to control the vehicle in a loose control circuit,” according to the ministry.

Israel has already used semi-autonomous robots, notably on the Gaza border. In June 2021, the nation deployed a new semi-autonomous robot equipped with 7.62 millimeter machine guns. which can operate “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

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