HUVI R1 robot vacuum cleaner

“We saw a huge growth opportunity in the floor care category, especially with robot vacuums,” said Uri Mourad, CEO of Kalorik. “With the advanced HUVI 3 Stages of Clean technology, we have been able to break into a sub-category that has gone from niche to the leading and fastest growing sub-category in vacuum cleaners. HUVI R1 outperforms its competitors on basic functionality and is beyond certain to impress the everyday consumer,” noted Murad.

HUVI R1 is the do-it-all robot vacuum cleaner and more, e.g. vacuum cleaner, air purifier, sanitizer and aroma diffuser. R1 features 3 cleaning stages, a triple-strengthened cleaning and filtration system designed to impeccably clean floors in homes and businesses while helping to purify the air.

  • H: Medical grade HEPA 13 filter traps 99.95% of pollen, dust, smoke and pet dander, making the HUVI R1 an ideal choice for allergy sufferers as well as pet owners.
  • UV: patent pending UVC light technology features a UVC light inside the bin that sanitizes over 99% of viruses and bacteria, sanitizing the collected contents while HUVI cleans. Consumers empty the trash safely.
  • I: Bipolar ionizer sends positive and negative ions into the air. These electrically charged ions surround airborne pathogens, which clump and weigh down on the ground for the HUVI R1 to suck up.

HUVI R1 is equipped with a smart feature set, including Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing control from a smartphone or tablet via the intuitive HUVI app with a range of modes such as customizable cleaning schedules. HUVI is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, controlling HUVI with the sound of a voice.

As an added value, HUVI R1 is equipped with a soothing aroma diffuser to mist the home with any scent while HUVI cleans. Add a favorite essential oil to the aroma diffuser to enjoy an aromatherapy-like experience.

The unique innovations of HUVI R1 surpass its competitors:

  • TRUE HEPA FILTER: The H13 filter is the highest level of HEPA and medical grade and traps 99.95% of all particles.
  • Contrary to competitors’ claims, HUVI R1 guarantees the results of its UVC technology. Verified lab tests prove bacteria and virus disinfection rates of over 99%.
  • Comes with two sets of side brushes, HUVI RI offers a wider cleaning path than most of its robot counterparts, cleaning corners and edges thoroughly.
  • The only robot vacuum with an essential oil diffuser to make your home smell as good as it looks.
  • Tangle-free brush roll.

Available at retailers nationwide at an MSRP of $399.99. For more information on the HUVI RI, please visit Product samples available for published reviews.

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