How the Get Out star brought a robot to life in the new Finch movie


New Apple TV + movie Bullfinch gave director Miguel Sapochnik a central problem to solve: how do you shoot a movie where a robot is one of only three characters on the screen?

Post-apocalyptic science fiction stars Tom Hanks as the main character, a robotic engineer who creates a robot named Jeff to care for his dog Goodyear when he is no longer able to do so (e.g. s ‘he dies).

While Jeff’s character is a CGI creation, Hanks didn’t have to act against a tennis ball on the set because Get out star Caleb Landry Jones, who plays Jeff, was there every step of the way to form the character alongside Hanks.

“Caleb was in every frame that Jeff is in. We made a very clear decision early on that we wanted to keep the movie from looking like a visual heavyweight movie and want to shoot it as a family drama,” Sapochnik said. Digital spy and other press.


“So we made the decision to actively ignore the issues of having a character who didn’t exist as one of the main characters in the movie. The sensible way to do that was to have an actor playing. the robot and to be there and be present in each frame.

“Everything was recorded on set at the time. We did a few re-recordings later, but basically it was Caleb in a suit on nine inch stilts, gloves on his hands that looked like those wooden hands. that you see Jeff have, and a mask that looked like Jeff, so that made Tom a real character to play.

“I think the character himself, all the nuances, all the little quirks that Jeff has, all of that is all Caleb. Caleb just raised the character, so I can’t really imagine what Jeff would have been like without Caleb. . “

While the character of Jeff was developed by the actor on set, Sapochnik also revealed that the robot has gentle inspiration from the director’s daughter as they share traits of being curious, stubborn, and mischievous.

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“I found myself stealing bits of what she said and putting them in the script. Maybe it’s my own tribute to my daughter because I admire her, but it was also the right one. tone, “he continued.

“I didn’t want Jeff to be just a robot, Jeff had to be a personality from the start.”

Hanks also recently explained how Bullfinch is different from Castaway, though both films see him as the only human onscreen most of the time.

Bullfinch releases on Apple TV + on Friday, November 5.

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